Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Water Park

Our First Visit to Owatonna's New Water Park:
  • It might look like a rock, but chances are it's feces.
  • Poo in the pool.... I bet it happens more than we think.
  • Regardless of how many balls there are, kids will find something regarding those balls to fight over.
  • When you get the friendly reminder to reapply sunscreen, heed the warning. Wiping one's eyes repeatedly does in fact remove sunscreen from her facial chubbies.
  • Not sure if a child is peeing in the pool? If she is spreading her legs and holding her crotch you can be pretty sure she playing in her personal biffy.
  • Who was the child urinating in the pool? I'm not telling.
  • Saw Jessie, my Rice County Fair partner in crime. Good kid. She looks great in red and rocks the Ronnie Milsap eye wear. I bet she's a good swimmer, too.
  • If that poopie was floating in the water instead of hanging out on the grate, I wonder if the pool would have been closed down.
  • Okay, so I didn't reapply sunscreen to the girls. Sue me for working on their golden glow. The aloe is hard at work on Lauren's burnt spots.
  • Jury's out on whether or not the moms or the kids had more fun.
  • Steph, if the girls & I were full-time townies, it could be dangerous. I'm pretty sure we would be at the water park every week!
  • This just might be the least number of tats I've seen at any given public pool. Score one more for Owatonna.
  • Yes, it would be nice if the bathrooms didn't smell like a cocktail of dirty feet & simmering sewer line. And a few intermediate water slides would be nice. But River Springs Water Park was a sure hit with four little ladies, and two happy moms. Until next time, girls....

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