Sunday, December 9, 2012

We're Having a Tea Party

When life throws you a tea bag, you steep it in hot water and point your pinky.... We're Having a Tea Party!
That's right,
We're moving to Boston!!!

When the possibility of moving back to Bean Town reared its unexpected head, Geoff & I approached it with heavy hearts.  We've spent so long waiting for the day when the right job in Minneapolis came our way.  But there is only one place that even comes close to how we feel about Minnesota.  You got it, Boston!

To be honest we've been perfectly happy to be back in the Midwest.  Yes, Ohio isn't exactly paradise and Buckeye fans are hands down the most annoying collection of sports nuts on the planet, but the people we've met here have won our hearts.  We have surrounded ourselves with some pretty great people, and all-in-all we're content in our humble, quiet life.

However, someone else seems to have something else on tap for us because a company in Boston gave Geoff an offer he couldn't refuse.  So when the school year is finished (at least right now that is the plan) we're packing our bags, putting on our Red Sox caps & heading back to New England.

A lot of changes are in store for our family in the coming year.  And we have a lot to look forward to.... a new house, some of the best food EVER, riding the T, walks through Boston Commons, and of course a wicked awesome tea party.

So to all of our friends and family who have yet to experience Boston for yourselves, there's no excuse now.  We know where to grab the best clam chowder, the best whoopie pies, the best scones, the best pasta, and the best pizza in the city.  And I look forward to all of the new bests we'll discover.  Boston, it's been too long, my friend.  Woohoo!  2013!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Today Abby mentioned someone living in the Fawn Ridge neighborhood.  Lauren thought she said Clown Stage.  I don't know why that strikes me so funny.

2. Abby amps up the naughty during the holiday season.  Any special event really.  Grrrrrrr.  It makes this time of year that much less sweet.

3. I finally decide to suck it up and get my flu shot in the wake of recent reports about this season's flu being particularly bad and this season's shot being spot on; low and behold.... Target is out.  Grrrrrrrr again.

4. When the temperature started to drop today I wanted to jump in the air and kick my heels.  I can't actually do that, but it my head it was a perfect ten.

5. Rudolph is on tonight.  You have no idea how excited I am for one of my favorite nights of the year!!!

6. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be married to Jimmy Fallon.  I'm not wishing, or even day dreaming.  But the guy is well-versed in the talent department.... I wonder if he's as fun at home as he is on TV.

7. Absolute favorite job, hands down is the one I'm currently in.  Love the kids.  LOVE the staff.... how am I ever going to find another job I enjoy going to half as much as this one.  Boston, you have big shoes to fill!

8. Did I mention we're moving to Boston?!  Oh so bittersweet.

9. It's funny how the thought of doing laundry can be such a weight on your shoulders.  And then you don't have access to your washing machine for a few days and it's return makes you want to jump in the air and do that heel kick thing again.

10. I didn't realize how much I missed Lizzie until a dog came up to me yesterday for some attention.  And then Lauren picked out a story about a puppy nuzzling its owner for attention.  I sure do miss that Lizzie Girl.


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