Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I still think Cinderella is the prettiest Disney princess. Maybe it's because she seems to be the only one I can relate to. She just might be the reason I like to clean.

2. I'm exhausted. Truly exhausted. If I didn't have the girls to care for, I'd be in bed. Instead I will be getting up from the computer and ironing. See, Cinderella!

3. Abby asked for some alone time in her room. She is playing school. Have I
mentioned I love that girl?!

4. Lauren wrote him a love letter. Five actually. I only let her give him one; the one without her great grandma's return address stickers all over it!

5. I'm a good snuggler. And I'm happy to step up to the task. I can thank hours of Lauren's crying for that. Poor little toddler at school today....

6. Poop stinks. And other people's poop is the worst! I just might prefer the smell of manure.

7. I took a picture of Lauren's foot. I don't want to forget.

8. Pizza anyone? As it turns out I have a cousin, Vinny. He'll be delivering tonight if I can ever get my ironing done. Not so much Cinderellaish, I'll admit.

9. Being a bus stop mom has introduced me to a whole new set of comrades. Where did all of these people come from?!

10. I HATE THIS HEAT! Never mind that Abby continues to get out of school two hours early each day because of it. I hate it! Bring on the snow. Throw a blizzard at us, but please wait until after we've gone to Minnesota and back for Christmas. I don't care, just take away these 90 plus temps! Jeez. Enough already!

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