Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ten on Tuesdayish--The Cabin Edition

Because the internet does not exist in my world at the cabin, my Ten on Tuesday list was scribed the old fashioned way, on a lined tablet. Now that I'm back to civilization, here it is: Ten on Tuesdayish--The Cabin Edition

1. Matt must have made my bed on the front porch at the cabin. The pillow case was inside-out; I left it. But the comforter nestled upside-down drove me nuts; I flipped it.

2. The Horse Stall--the outhouse. A lovely restaurant.

{Lauren waits to take your order}

3. Can it be I'm the only person not abreast on Indian Wrestling? Was this pass time lost on the children of the 80s?

4. Countless hours of swimming.... these girls are undoubtedly mine.

5. Lauren LOVES being out on the boat. Though I'm not quite sure who loved it more--Lauren or Aunt Bonnie & Uncle Kim.

{Lauren, not so sure about hanging out with the crappie outside of the live-well}
6. Lauren's working hard at cracking open sunflower seeds. It comes with being out in the boat, don't cha know!
7. Abby loves Paul. She loves him in the way many girls before her have loved him.

{Abby & Paul: The Engagement Photo}

8. I dream of nights lying in bed, listening to the loons call out in song. Waking up to their morning cries is the greatest pleasure of sleeping on the front porch.

9. Fresh fish, egg bath, cracker crumbs, a hot frying pan: the taste of the cabin.

10. Lauren's sun-kissed cheeks, blonding hair, bright sky-blue eyes & bare feet--she's a Minnesota girl to the core.

{My Minnesota Girl}

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