Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Ten random thoughts for the day....

1. I always check my nose to make sure it is free of residue before I slip into the dentist chair. But this morning I forgot.

2. As I was sitting in the dentist chair
I realized that my nose was not angled such so that Sharon & Dr. DeLaitsch could investigate potential collections. A check after I left the office revealed a clean cavity. Whew!

3. I think my Minnesota accent has gotten thicker. Either that or being away from home has made me acutely aware of it.

4. I giggled to myself as I listened to the conversations we had in the dentist office. A LOT of "oh yahs" & "you betchas". The only thing missing was a good hotdish.

5. I've got my mother emotionally involved in
my projects. It's unusual for her to press through a project day & night. And not just the curtains, the Tooth Fairy pouches, too. I love it!

6. Cavity, curtains, cookies, cucumbers, banana bread, laundry & lovely hair cuts. Busy da

7. Geoff lost his lunch in Canal Park. I mean, lite
rally he lost his lunch. Three bites in.

{General Tso's Overboard}

{One man's loss is another bird's treasure}

8. We should have just split an order to begin with. But both of us agreed the $4.50 was definitely not wasted.... it was worth the bounty of laughs.

9. Geoff & I are easily entertained by flipping through the Direct TV guide and reading porn titles & descriptions. It is undetermined if we have a warped sense of humor or if we are just easily amused.

10. And then there's my dad. Snuggling up with his little ladies watching cartoons. I'm not sure if there is anything else he'd rather be doing. Love my dad!

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Susie said...

Sarah's third loose tooth is about to drop out of her mouth and GASP! we haven't located the tooth fairy pouch. I think I might have to dig through some felt and floss to make another one soon!


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