Monday, August 30, 2010

I Let Her Go

I remember vividly the day we left the hospital with Abby. They let us take her away from that safe environment, and after a short drive there we were at home on the Air Force Base with a baby. A little girl whom I was responsible for in every sense of her being. She depended on me for everything.
But now she's five. And today I let them take her away from our safe environment, and after a short drive she was at school, not far from another Air Force Base. The little girl I was responsible for was now in someone else's care. I am depending on them to look out for her, to teach her, and help her grow.

She woke up on her own this morning. And when she arrived in the kitchen sporting her pink elephant pajamas & her crazy bed head, she was happy as could be to be starting kindergarten! No muss, no fuss.... we breezed through breakfast and got ready without a batting an eye. She was a girl who knew where she had to be and was determined to get there.

After our first-day-of-school pictures, we were off to the bus stop. One by one parents and little people showed up to take part in the morning's congregation. As the crowd widened she said her good-byes and jumped into her social circle. I was busy conversing with other moms & grandmas, so when it came time to get on the bus she did it with little fanfare.

And that was it. Just after 8:30 and she was gone. I let her go, in the care of someone else, and she was on the bus headed for kindergarten!

Lauren & I headed to our own school, and when our day was done, returned home and baked fresh chocolate chip cookies. Once again the crowd gathered in the hot afternoon's sun to collect the school children. When Abby got off the bus she rushed right into my arms and asked, "Were you waiting here all morning?" Love that girl!

She told me she learned how to read today. Great! That is about all she had to say. She was hot, tired, thirsty, and in serious need of refueling. Good thing I had plenty of cookies, grapes, milk & water on hand.

{Abby, The Kindergartner}

{Abby & Lauren}

{At the Bus Stop}

{Abby Gets on the Bus}

{Front & Center.... And Off to School}

{Off the Bus}

{Our School Girl is Home}

{My Kindergarten Cookie Monster}

Abby's first day of kindergarten is in the books. She loved it! And I'm glad she did.... now when do I tell her the school will be closing two hours early tomorrow due to the excessive heat?
Darn Ohio!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Abby's very special day with us. I can only imagine how you felt letting her go, but know that your love (and warm chocolate chip cookies) are what has her coming back day after day!
Love to you all in Ohio!


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