Sunday, December 9, 2012

We're Having a Tea Party

When life throws you a tea bag, you steep it in hot water and point your pinky.... We're Having a Tea Party!
That's right,
We're moving to Boston!!!

When the possibility of moving back to Bean Town reared its unexpected head, Geoff & I approached it with heavy hearts.  We've spent so long waiting for the day when the right job in Minneapolis came our way.  But there is only one place that even comes close to how we feel about Minnesota.  You got it, Boston!

To be honest we've been perfectly happy to be back in the Midwest.  Yes, Ohio isn't exactly paradise and Buckeye fans are hands down the most annoying collection of sports nuts on the planet, but the people we've met here have won our hearts.  We have surrounded ourselves with some pretty great people, and all-in-all we're content in our humble, quiet life.

However, someone else seems to have something else on tap for us because a company in Boston gave Geoff an offer he couldn't refuse.  So when the school year is finished (at least right now that is the plan) we're packing our bags, putting on our Red Sox caps & heading back to New England.

A lot of changes are in store for our family in the coming year.  And we have a lot to look forward to.... a new house, some of the best food EVER, riding the T, walks through Boston Commons, and of course a wicked awesome tea party.

So to all of our friends and family who have yet to experience Boston for yourselves, there's no excuse now.  We know where to grab the best clam chowder, the best whoopie pies, the best scones, the best pasta, and the best pizza in the city.  And I look forward to all of the new bests we'll discover.  Boston, it's been too long, my friend.  Woohoo!  2013!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Today Abby mentioned someone living in the Fawn Ridge neighborhood.  Lauren thought she said Clown Stage.  I don't know why that strikes me so funny.

2. Abby amps up the naughty during the holiday season.  Any special event really.  Grrrrrrr.  It makes this time of year that much less sweet.

3. I finally decide to suck it up and get my flu shot in the wake of recent reports about this season's flu being particularly bad and this season's shot being spot on; low and behold.... Target is out.  Grrrrrrrr again.

4. When the temperature started to drop today I wanted to jump in the air and kick my heels.  I can't actually do that, but it my head it was a perfect ten.

5. Rudolph is on tonight.  You have no idea how excited I am for one of my favorite nights of the year!!!

6. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be married to Jimmy Fallon.  I'm not wishing, or even day dreaming.  But the guy is well-versed in the talent department.... I wonder if he's as fun at home as he is on TV.

7. Absolute favorite job, hands down is the one I'm currently in.  Love the kids.  LOVE the staff.... how am I ever going to find another job I enjoy going to half as much as this one.  Boston, you have big shoes to fill!

8. Did I mention we're moving to Boston?!  Oh so bittersweet.

9. It's funny how the thought of doing laundry can be such a weight on your shoulders.  And then you don't have access to your washing machine for a few days and it's return makes you want to jump in the air and do that heel kick thing again.

10. I didn't realize how much I missed Lizzie until a dog came up to me yesterday for some attention.  And then Lauren picked out a story about a puppy nuzzling its owner for attention.  I sure do miss that Lizzie Girl.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ten on Tuesdayish

1. Whenever I see another Acadia on the road I give them a slight nod & grin.  And then I think, 'Yep, there goes another person equally as cool as me.'  I wonder what I'd be thinking if I was rockin' a minivan?

2. Key Lime Pie.  I offered to bring a pie to church for a gathering after tonight's service.  I'm certain no one else will show up with this tropical treat.  Although I won't really know for sure since I'll be home with my sick children.  Sigh.

3. It's now Abby's turn to be lounging in her PJs.  I'm thankful for Thanksgiving break so my babes can be home, rest, and get back to the business of being healthy!

4. I'm convinced Ohio is killing me.  Okay, maybe not literally killing me.  But I'm not myself here.... my face is swollen, my body is sore and lethargic.  I've spent a lot of time adjusting my sleep, my workout, my habits & my diet.  But the bottom line is I never feel worse than when I'm here.  Maybe it's time for a permanent something different?!

5. Fact: I love basil. If I was a food we would be married.  If we weren't then I would have a hard time not cheating on my other half.  I can't get enough of the leafy treat.  Confession: Sometimes I put grilled pizza on our menu just so I have an excuse to pair it with fresh mozzarella and gobble it up.

6. This month's Book Club featured a visit by our current author, Vanessa Gray Bartal.  I left that night so inspired and uplifted by this seemingly common mom who quite honestly is a lot like me.  If everyone who hits a personal wall in life could be as inspired and productive as Vanessa, our world would be a much better place.

7. Lauren brought home her Christmas tree yesterday.  Each year at the girls' school first graders bring home a giant green paper Christmas tree to decorate and bring back to school to festive up the halls.  While I'm not thrilled with the collection of glitter all over the little table & the floor, her tree is decorated to her standard of perfection.  For that reason alone, I LoVe It!

8. My heart swelled with pride when I walked into Lauren's classroom yesterday afternoon.  The room was filled with the smell of Thanksgiving and children dressed in Indian head dress & Pilgrim hats.  I know the PC police will slander me for that statement, but the truth of it is, those children were learning about their American history.  Frankly, schools are so caught up with teaching about acceptance and other cultures that an appreciation for our own is often lost.

9. If I could, I would add another hour--maybe two--to every day.  And I would make myself do all of the projects and crafty things I seem to have lost time for.

10. It pains me to see our nightly routine of story time slipping away.... often it is for a lack of time, which is a horrible excuse.  Priority number one: Bring back story time with full force!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thank You Thursday

1. I am thankful for Halloween candy.  Those bite-size little bittys are just the right amount of chocolaty goodness.  Today's nod goes to Baby Ruth.  Yumm!

2. I'm thankful for sick days.  Sad as it is, yes, I am thankful for the rare days we take a break from life to stay home and recoup.  Not that I did any recouping on this day that Lauren was off school, but my house is polished top to bottom.  Love that conquest!

3. I'm thankful for Geoff.  You're my best friend, father to my children, and provider for our family.  Your hard work is paying off in big ways and it doesn't go unappreciated.  Thank you!

4. I'm thankful for wine.  Because after I get Abby off the bus and take my shower for the day (I know, ishy!) I'll be sitting down addressing my Christmas cards & sipping on a glass of my favorite Iowa wine.  With any luck, I'll also be thankful for the ease in my cramped shoulder.

5. Last but not least, I'm thankful for unexpected inspiration.  I look forward to the great things that are around the corner for our family and hope that those inspirations can rear their little heads when they're needed most.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. In my book Candy Corn is not irrelevant until after Thanksgiving.

2. Tic Tacs.... I always eat them in pairs.

3. If the 80s had a flavor, it would be orange Tic Tacs.

4. Never underestimate the power of well manicured eyebrows!

5. Gray Hairs: Why do they always crop up on the part in your hair?  Maybe it's just me.  Either way, I go after them with a good pair of tweezers every time.

6. I'm pretty sure my BFF & I coined the best period code word when we were in school.  Shopping.  Boys automatically tune out when you start talking about that!

7. Tickle Attacks.... Lauren LOVES them! Here is her list of the reasons why:
  • I love it when you tickle me.
  • I love it that we can be together.
  • When we kiss each other.
  • I love my giggle.
  • I love it when you smooch on me.
Yeap, that pretty much covers it.

8. Back to periods & my BFF.  I can still see her walking around the junior high when she was graced with her inaugural period.  She carried around a brown paper bag packed with provisions the entire day "just in case".  I was certain it was a dead giveaway, but she was adamant that people would believe it was her lunch.  BFF, I won't out your identity, you know who you are.  Thank you for the smile all these years later!

9. Why didn't anyone raise an eyebrow when TV show characters had such inappropriate names & nicknames in the 80s & 90s.... like Boner & Scrote.  Ahhhh, when being PC wasn't so PC.

10. For the life of me I cannot get Michael Jackson's PYT out of my head.  There could be worse songs, I know.  Don't suggest any; I'm perfectly happy with that MJ track. For now.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Blue

Disappointed.  Disgusted.  Distraught.  Defeated.  As we watched the polls close and the election results come in my mood turned blue with the map.  To say I woke up this morning in a funk would be an understatement.  It isn't because my team didn't win, it's because my faith in the convictions of my fellow Americans came into question last night.

So this morning as I dressed for work I put on my Christmas socks, wore a smile on my face, and I dove into the kids at school today head first.  They don't have a clue what happened on the TV last night.  All that really matters to them is that their basic needs are met and that laughter makes them feel good.  So we ate, pottied & played.  And we laughed.  A lot.  And we sang & danced, and for a precious few consecutive minutes this morning my focus was on the Now.

My Now is all I can really control.  I can raise my children how my husband and I see fit, and if we're going to build a better America, we're going to start in our home.

I believe in Honesty.
Showing Respect.
Hard Work.
Not Expecting Handouts.
Giving From Your Heart.
Being Educated.
Being Well-Rounded.
Two-Parent Families.

I believe in fostering all of these things in our children and making our world a better place.

And I will take a deep breath, do a lot of praying, and live in the now.  Starting right.... Now!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Letting Go

They love you unconditionally.
They keep your secrets.
They clean the food off your floors.
They smile with their hearts.
They forgive you your faults.
They are loyal.
They are faithful.
They warn you of danger.
They protect you at no cost.

They ask for little in return.... food, water & love.  Everything else is just icing on the cake.

Seven months after we got married, we started our family & opened our hearts to a dog.  She's logged hundreds of thousands of miles in our backseat.  Lived with us in five different states.  Chased more animals than we could ever count.  And we've chased after her more times than we care to count.  She was the only one to greet us when we brought both of our babies home from the hospital.  The only dog we've shared as a family.

They teach you about love.
They teach you about letting go.

Today we had to put our beloved dog, our loyal friend to sleep.  It was the hardest decision we've ever had to make.  After all she's done for us, this we did for her.  Huddled together on the floor, we held her as she finally found peace and took in her last breath.  We shed many tears, more than we can count.

What they say must be true, all dogs really do go to Heaven.  I know this because she's already sent us signs.  We see them Lizzie.  And we see life in a unique way because of you.  If you know Lizzie, you know the tales.

So enjoy chasing squirrels, rabbits & cats.  Enjoy your naps in the sun.  And know that we'll go on enjoying our lives, too.  Until we meet up with you in Heaven, it's like we tell the girls.... you're always in our hearts.

RIP Lizzie Girl.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. I can't help it.  Whenever I see U.S. Representative Allen West I can't see him as a congressman or a leutenant colonal, I see a character on the Peanuts.  Speaking of which, it's that time of year again.... The Charlie Brown Specials!

2. Family Handyman Dot Com.... You had me at the adorable Dollar-Savvy Shed.

3. Obama's America 2016.... How do all American's not know about this film?  Without a doubt the most important movie you'll ever see at the theater.  An eye-opener to say the least.

4. Could life be any better?  Okay, yes.  But at the end of the day, I've got it all.  I'll keep my apple cart just the way it is.

5. Tonight on the menu: french toast with Panera bread, bacon & orange juice.  According to Lauren, "It was the best breakfast supper EVER!"

6. In clumps.  That's how Abby's hair has been coming out of her head.  She will have no hair left in her head by Christmas if she keeps this up.  Sigh.  Her eczema has stepped it up all of the sudden.  I'm nervous.  I think it's time to seek a second opinion.

7. One of the best wines I've tasted came from Wide River Winery.... Can't wait to get back to Iowa for Girls' Weekend with the family and get my hands on a few more bottles of that tasty drink.

8. The very best chocolate cake I've ever laid my lips on.  Yeah, I made it last week.  The Most Amazing Chocolate Buttermilk Cake Ever.  There it is.  Be warned.  Once you've make it for people, it won't be the last.

9. To my sister-in-law.... Tonight I sat down at the computer with a glass of wine.  Now I'm on my second.  That much wine tastes much better on the deck in Wenatchee.  Ahhhh, the days.

10. I like it much better when people walk into my life than out of it.  Lots of footsteps walked back in my door today. {smile}

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. It absolutely drives me crazy when toothpaste gets on the cap.  I hate to be so fanatical about something so absolutely insignificant, but I truly despise it.

2. I'm fond of the girls learning from others.  Sometimes I believe the impact others make with a single action is ten times as powerful as any single action I can make.  On the other hand, it's hard to see them learning the What-Not-to-Dos from people they look up to.  They're too little to see the faults in their role models.

3. Good morning hugs & kisses from my girls NEVER get old.

4. Reevaluating.... it's not as fun as it sounds.

5. After a weekend with good friends in Michigan Geoff has fallen in love with releasing lanterns.  I've become fond of Moonshine.  I think we're evolving backwards.

6. My new favorite author just might be John Green.  I was a big fan of The Fault in Our Stars.  The story, the writing, the way it touches the reader.  Fantastic!

7. If I wanted to wake up to 180% humidity (okay, I'm exaggerating a little) in September I would still be living in Florida.  This weather is zapping every ounce of energy I have.  Yuck!

8. Thank you to the girls' teachers.  I was beginning to lose faith in teachers' diligence on correcting children's homework.  Thank you for proving me right that doing your school work right does matter.

9. Tired.  Hot.  And sooooo tired.  Please cool off soon.  I'm too young to feel this damn old.

10. One of my favorite things: Lauren creeping into the kitchen in the morning while I'm making lunches and just wanting to hang out.  Love that kid!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Growing Up Abby

On Monday night, the girls and I ventured to school for Open House, where the girls were on a mission to finally meet their new teachers.  Abby was basking in the glory of being the big sister, when finally, for their first time in their educational career, they would be at the same school.

It was great to have Abby has our personal guide.  In and out of halls, she led us to our destinations effortlessly.  It was a stress-free meeting of both the girls' teachers, and both Abby & Lauren left their new meetings even more excited to begin the new school year.

But there was one more stop to make before we left for the evening.... greeting Abby's first grade teacher for the first time as a second grader.  Mrs. Barr was just as happy to see Abby as Abby was to see her.  She treated Lauren to a welcoming smile, then we exchanged that look that parents & teachers give one another when they are saddened not to have your child their room, and likewise.  Last but not least, Mrs. Barr noticed how much Abby had grown up.  The earrings, bracelets, necklace & headband.  She was accessorizing to the max.  Second grade style.

Mrs. Barr was right.  Abby is increasingly self-aware of how she looks.  What she will wear for her second grade pictures is always on her mind, not to mention her adamantity (is that even a word?!) for having a gray, not blue background for her school pic.  Then there is the conversation of having her own bedroom.  And the one about not using her pink booster seat in the car.  Sometimes I can't keep up.

Today, on her first day of second grade, she went to school with a smile and an argument with her sister already under her belt.  And that is just how she came home.... with a smile, and another argument that sent her to her room.  And like magic, the storm of anger & tears was amplified to what I can only describe as a second grade scene.  It isn't easy, but I know this is normal, even healthy.  But it's hard.  For all of us.

And then there was tonight.  Traditional story time means each of us choosing two stories, and once we're all in our jammies and ready for bed, we gather on my bed with our collection of literature as I take turns reading our selections.  But in the presence of a second grader our night time routine is changing.  Abby now intentionally chooses books she can read.  And not just read, but read with ease and inflection.  My heart swells with pride.

I know it isn't easy growing up for our Abby.  It isn't easy being around growing up Abby.  But it is a beautiful view watching Abby grow up.  I love that I can still see the face of that newborn in in her.  I love just as much that she loves the little lady she is growing into.

I still love her more.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ten on Tuesdayish

1. First day back to work is in the books.  Sort of.  Yesterday was our meeting of the minds to gear up for the upcoming school year, then our open house last night.  It was refreshing to meet new faces and a delight to see students & parents from years past.  I'm reminded again how grateful I am to work with such an incredible staff and looking forward to this upcoming year.  What a blessing to love my job sooooo much!

2. Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom to ground you.  In our case, shape up these little rugrats of ours.  Too much TV, too much leniency equals too much of two monsters.  Today we're turning over a new leaf.  I pray they get the message.

3. I miss Bunco.  Once a month, great food, great friends, maybe some drinks & interesting conversation always prove to be an event worth looking forward to.  Too bad it's so hard to find enough people to get on board & commit. :(

4. I'm so pleased with the amount of back-logged organizing I've been able to get done.  I've still got a considerable amount to tackle, but I'm on a roll.  Look out house!

5. While it's nice to have the down time around our house to get stuff done, I am beyond happy that we go home for the summer.  Not only do the girls have a chance to listen to people speak proper English for two plus months, but it gives us something to do.  We'd be bored out of our minds here no doubt.

6. Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike when people put a 'Ms.' in front of my first name?  Two months of being called Brooke or Mrs. Zahn.... Ahhhhh.  It makes me hate it more everytime I come back to it.  Grrrrrrrr.

7. I'm not entirely hating on Ohio, but for sure there are things that get under my skin and the fouled up linguistics is top on the list.  I am, however, looking forward to my very favorite thing about Ohio: Autumn.  Bright, bold colors canvassing the landscape; crisp morning air.  Heaven.  Well, next to being Up North it's heaven.

8. While everyone at home is posting about all of their great eats at Minnesota's largest county fair, I'm stuck with savoring them by memory.  I've been reminding myself that my daily workouts will benefit more from mental endulgance.  So eat up friends.  And thanks for thinking of me as you eat your way through the event of the summer.  Okay, let's be honest, I'd still rather be there eating with them!

9. Oh my brother-in-law.... Bacon jam.  What they don't think of.  And if I knew how to can, I'd probably have to try it by virtue of curiosity.  How I wish I lived closer to my brother-from-another-mother.  Truly one of my favorite people.  I miss ya, Kevin.

10. A week from today the girls head back to school.  Eeeeeek!  One week and we're back into the bump and grind.  I'm not sure if I'm ready for this.  I've rather enjoyed sleeping in in the mornings. Sigh.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Love Letters

On June 9th, just after the girls & I got to Minnesota to kick off our summer adventures, I found letters the girls penned to their babies scattered upstairs next to their resting beloveds.  Their thoughtful and loving words were so enduring that I secretly hijacked the notes.  With all the sassy language that boldly comes spewing out of their mouths, it's nice to know their hearts are filled with so much love....

by Abby

from Lizzie
I Love you very
much and I Love
you more than everysing
Love mom

by Lauren

rockit big
I Love you very much
You are the best I Love
You to the moon and
back You are a very
good boy Love to
You and me gave
me a kiss and
a hug Love mom

rockit medam
I Love you Like I
do right now I will
Love you the Rest of
my Life all the time
I Love You to the moon
Love mom

rockit Little
You are the Littleist
boy and are family
all the time and
You are a kind
boy and nice boy
Love mom

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thank You Thursday

1. Thank you, Mother Nature, for the rockin' thunderstorm & cooler temps.  May this be the end all to the disturbing heat of summer.

2. Thank goodness for Book Club.  I had no desire to leave my house last night.  I hadn't even read the book for the month.  But getting out and chatting with friends was exactly what I needed.

3. I'm thankful for this time off work.  I don't seem to be moving too fast these days, and I haven't been able to pinpoint why.  But it's good for me to take it easy and work my way slowly back into the hustle & bustle of our daily grind.

4. I'm thankful for the girls' innocence.  They never cease to make me smile with their young worldly perceptions.

5. I'm also thankful for their curiosity.  Seeing their tonsils was a must.  I'm sure they were disappointed when all they got was a photocopy, but I'm glad they are filled with wonderment.  I pray it serves them well someday.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Let Me Translate è in Cinque

Both girls continue to fumble their way through the English langauge.  With clever comprehension & understandable misunderstandings, here is the fifth installment of translations....


Sit Mower: Riding Lawn Mower
Woodcheck: Woodchuck
Cinnamons: Synonyms
Rumber: Broomball
Feel Yourself at Home: Make Yourself at Home
Dollar Free: Dollar Tree
Ruth: Wreath
Ash Tray: TV Tray


Personalimy: Personality
Styrophoned: Styrofoam
Licker: Dog's Mouth
Nahkin: Napkin
Aerio Cookies: Oreos
Gorilla Bar: Granola Bar
Oyster Crasher: Oyster Cracker
Taco Sauce: Soy Sauce
American Whip: Miracle Whip
Brown Beans: Baked Beans
Garbage Despoiler: Garbage Disposal
Tinaganize: Antagonize
Peir-a-Shoot: Parachute
Pop Up: Push Up
Matters: Manners
Hoblow: Hobo
Vinepapper: Vampire
Squirt Poop: Diarrhea
Hostable: Hospital
Wahiee: Hawaii
Back & Forth Tape: Double-Sided Tape
Three Temple: Three Dimentional
Burn Garbage: Burning Barrel
Sparkle: Sparkler
Holly Olly: Holly Hobby
Baskwards: Backwards
Twick: Tick
Beach Eagle: Seagull

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Finally the girls took naps. It only took separating them and banishing one to her bed for them to relax enough to sleep. But it was just what the doctor, and more importantly the mom, ordered. This is how recovery rolls.

2. I'm increasingly disappointed in the lack of professionalism in the service industry. I've long understood it is the responsibility of the person providing the service to guide the patron.... if the doctor's visit is over, stand up, doc; don't sit closer to me and stare at me while you wait for me to say something. And then there was the service manager at the dealership today. Seriously buddy, you came into the waiting room to chat to someone else. Then you sat down and just looked at me, saying nothing. And THEN you tell me you'll wait for me to finish texting. First of all, I wasn't texting, I was loading coupons. Second, if you want to talk to me about my car, address me as Mrs. Zahn and spill out the words. Grrrrrrr.

3. I'm currently in possesion of a Chevrolet Sonic. It looks nice, it's cozy to sit in, but it is not the car for me. Admittedly, it does feel nice to be behind the wheel of a car again. I feel like a sports car driver. No worries, I'm not giving up my Acadia any time soon.

4. LOVED Hatfields & McCoys. I know, that was on in May, but for one reason or another I wasn't able to watch it before we went to Minnesota for the summer. Today was my super, super lazy day, so I watched the last four hours. Well played, History Channel.

5. Lauren told me when they took out her tonsils they also removed all the naughty. We shall see. A mom can hope!

6. Geoff has been extra kind to me today. I'm not complaining, but part of me wonders what he is buttering me up for. Maybe he feels bad for me. Is it that obvious that I'm exhausted?!

7. LOVED our health care staff at Dayton Children's yesterday. Our nurse was awesome. So attentive, kind and caring. Maybe she was grateful to have easy-going patients. I imagine that is not always the case.

8. I'm nearing the halfway mark in the last of the Fifty Shades series. I'm most definitely savoring it, and equally anxious to see how it ends.

9. I had raisin toast this morning made from Purple Wheat. A first to my knowledge. And delish.

10. The girls are stuck like glue to the stuffed animal buddies we got them after surgery. Melts my heart.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Two by Two

Two little girls.  Two tonsillectomies.  Two adenoidectomies.  Two waiting parents.  Two hour recovery until we were sent home for two weeks of calm, peaceful rest.... Is that two much to ask?!

As the rest of Dayton enjoyed a sunny day, we left our house just before 10 am bound for Dayton Children's where both of the girls were admitted for routine, outpatient surgery.  Boy was I relieved when they led us down the hall to a cozy room for two.

Lauren was a nervous wreck.  Not sure of what to expect, and not willing to be away from her mama in times of uncertainty, she was less than thrilled about the impending procedure.  The medicine did little to calm her nerves; in fact I'm pretty sure she was coherent enough when I walked her back to surgery that she remembers our entire trek & good-bye.

Abby, on the other hand, was giddy with excitement at the thought of a new adventure.  She was also not giving into relaxation, quizzing me until the moment she left with clues to whatever word she had on her mind.

Once both girls were gone, Mom & Dad waited patiently for the results of the surgery, enjoying every ounce of peace & quiet.  And once the good word was received, it was time for our first date since we've been back in Dayton: the hospital cafeteria!
When they wheeled Lauren back into the room for recovery after she came to, she was a quiet, pale shell of her former self.  It wasn't until her big sister was escorted in happy as a clam that she began to perk up.  If slushies were made with booze, Abby would have been sloshed.  She pounded one white cherry slushy before dozing into oblivion, than three more after the nurse finally woke her up.

Lauren also got into the act, and my dynamic duo were back in business, taking full advantage of slushies & Sprite with a Scooby-Doo Meets Batman & Robin chaser.  Somewhere along the way Lauren gave in to the day's events, and before it was time to go she admitted, "I had fun."

And so it is.... Our summer is going out with a bang that sounds like cauterizing tissue.  Another adventure. Another life experience.  Another moment that ties these two lovely girls of mine together.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

I Love Youisms

Lauren.  If I had to describe the child in one word it would be Difficult.  All.  Summer.  Loooong.  Last summer was a challenge for Abby, so I am taking a leap of faith in casting Lauren's behavior in a light I can swallow.... This is just a phase.  And most likely it is.  But it isn't a phase that is easy for any of us to live through; ask my parents.  Or honestly, anyone who has come in contact with the child for any length of time.  Difficult is being kind.

Underneath it all is a smooshy, mooshy, loveable little girl who oozes kind words just when you need her to fill up your heart in a way that only she can.  Mixed with a shot of sarcasm and that little stinker of a smile, here is a list of Lauren's recent I Love Youisms:

"I love you a hunderd million.... Even when you're dead you'll still be in my heart."

"I love you, but today you're making me have a issue."

"I love you more than a Kleenex."

"I love you more than your dog."

"I love you more than a leaf."

....and last but not least, the ever confusing

"Even I love you more than five."

Seriously.  Where or where did this child come from?!

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Adventures of One Earring

Before the girls and I left Ohio for the summer Lauren made a decision: she was ready to get her ears pierced.  I was suspect to this conclusion, mostly because I had overheard bits & pieces of a conversation she had with Abby focusing on the glory of wearing earrings.  But there was something else, watching Abby get pierced in December prompted Lauren to declare she had no intention of getting her ears pierced until she was older, at least 10 or 21.

Practicality outweighed intuition, and I scheduled Lauren to have her ears pierced when we arrived in Minnesota for our haircuts.  And on June 11, 2012 after two attempts in the chair, Lauren left our favorite little salon with only her right ear pierced.

From there our summer took off with one adventure after another.  That single earring accompanied Lauren as she mastered riding her bike on the gravel road, enjoyed countless trips to ice cream shops all over the country, flew to and from Washington, made several trips to the pool & water parks, joined her family for our annual Cousin Time sleepover, and traveled up north to the cabin where she swam, jumped off the dock, fished, made a new friend and then attended his memorial service four days later.  This summer that one earring went with Lauren to seven different states, spent countless hours in the sun and served proudly as a bracket to one side of a beautiful smile enjoying the glory of summer.

But in spite of the bond Lauren shared with her right earring, she could not bring herself to muster up the bravery to get her left ear pierced.  I know the torture I felt when she went into her crying fit of refusal at the moment she faced piercing earring left.  I can only imagine the nerves that raced through her belly every time it was mentioned ALL SUMMER LONG.

In part because I could not allow her to be tortured any longer, and in part because I was not going to have "that kid" that walks around with only one earring for life, I served her up an ultimatum and made it entirely her decision: Either get your ear pierced before we leave Minnesota, or take it out, let it grow shut and pierce them again on your dime when you're ready.  Minutes before we left for the salon on the morning on July 31st to get our final hair cuts before departing the motherland, she confided that she wanted me to take her earring out.  It's funny how even when you know it's coming, hearing the words you don't want to hear can make your heart drop.

We kept that earring in at the slight chance she would change her mind.  We even kept it in on our drive back to Ohio, just to add that last little bit of adventure to its short-lived life.  But last night I stood true to my word and took that earring out, where it was secretly deposited in Mommy's jewelry box for posterity.

In the end I think we all learned a few things from the adventures of that one earring.  As to who learned more, Lauren or I, that remains to be seen.  When will Lauren finally take the leap and get her ears pierced?  I think that one will be a sore spot for quite some time.  The One Earring Wonder.

Friday, July 27, 2012

A Summer of Life Lessons

This Summer the Girls Have Learned....

............How to pee outside
..............................Older people move at a much slower pace
......It's important to pick the cherries with the stems on
....Words like snarf
...........It is possible to dance off the drips when wiping is not an option; we're still on the peeing outside thing.
.........................................97 isn't necessarily old
...................How to Cannon Ball off the dock
.......People die.  Even young people.  You can be roasting marshmallows & swimming with them one day and the next they are gone.  It's the one thing worse than leaving the cabin.
...Good things do come to an end, even things that seem to fit perfectly together.  Like Great Grandma living on the farm.  Consequently, they've also learned that her apartment building in town is a hotbed for new adventures.
..........Games like Sequence & 31 with quarters
....................................Spinning quarters
.....We always stop at Dairy Queen on our way home from the cabin.
.............................How to swim, swim, swim!
...............................................How to shuffle cards
.........Conquer fears: Abby's overcome her fear of dark enclosed slides. It's still TBD for Lauren & the second ear piercing.
..................How to ride bigger bikes
....Where the wild raspberries are on the back hill
.........Little birdies take pictures
........................How to make rolls
..................Friends from China bring a whole new element of fun
............Some chairs come with remote controls and they are FUN!
............................How to poop outside

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. I'm a sucker for popcorn.  Kettle corn not excluded.

2. Maybe it's a Midwest thing.  That was always our Sunday night supper.... and I don't think we were alone in that one.  I seriously love popcorn.

3. After the Obama's were caught on the Kiss Cam at the basketball game in DC last night I got to thinking.... How many people get put up on Kiss Cams who don't know each other?  And how awesome would it be to be sitting next to a total hottie and end up on one of those?!  Ewwww, or if you end up on one with the guy you've been watching pick his nose the entire game.  That one would be ishy.

4. Crazy 8s & 31.  Abby is a rock star at both of them, thanks to Papa.  She's also become an expert at spinning quarters, gambling and peeing in the yard.  As soon as she takes her ACTs she should be ready for college.

5. I cannot get that stupid Call Me Maybe song out of my head.  And thanks to the many versions on YouTube I am now seeing Big Ten mascots dancing my head.

6. Giant.  Screw.  In.  My.  Tire.  Not happy.  Thanks to the friendly service crew at my uncle's shop, a patch & I'm good to go.  Whew!

7. Six hours we spent at the water park with friends yesterday afternoon.  Life is good.  It's moments like this I appreciate the opportunity we have to spend our summers at home in Minnesota.

8. Among Lauren's many talents: fashioning a diaper for her bear out of paper & tape.

9. I can still hear the words Lauren said to her Grandma Phillips, "Someday you're going to find out I went to space."  My heart swelled with pride!

10. And then she told her sister that when you go to space you also have to work.  Something tells me the child was born with work ethic.  Love that child!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Is it Tuesday?  I was pretty good on what day it was right up to our trip to Washington.  Ever since I've been living in the land of calendar oblivion.  I love it!

2. Listening to the girls ride their bikes up and down the driveway.... I wonder if my parents wore the same smiles as my sister & I cruised up that same gravel path?

3. I found a hide-a-bed in the People's Press' bargain section, which got me thinking.... do they still make hide-a-beds?

4. Abby never stops singing.  Well, almost never.  Maybe that's why she doesn't like brushing her teeth, it stifles her inner songstress.  Perhaps it can also explain the talking in her sleep.

5. Hey, I just met you.  And this is crazy.  But here's my number.  So call me maybe.  That would be Abby's, and now Lauren's favorite never-ending song.  And now you can have it stuck in your head, too.  You're welcome.

6. I am finally on the third installment of the Fifty Shades trilogy.  I didn't expect to be saying this, but I've enjoyed it most when it got past the dirty.  And the second book was better, hands down.  I can't wait to see where the third book leads!

7. What do people in Owatonna do for fun on a random Monday night in July?  Attend Dancing with the Steele County Stars, of course.  It was quite the evening of entertainment, and best of all I finally got to check out Medford's new school; I was impressed!

8. I've been on the lookout for cute and simple sewing projects to get myself acquainted with my new sewing machine.  Enter the Ric Rac FlowerUCreate is loaded with adorable tutorials.  love. Love. LOVE.

9. At six & seven, the girls still love to play cars.  What once was downtime spent lining up their four-wheeled toys is now an elaborate society constructed out of their imaginations.  I could listen to them play for hours.

10. My heart weighs heavy with equal parts disappointment and wonder.  It's hard not to be saddened when you find out people aren't who you thought they are.  And yet I wonder if the nature of growing up will reflect kindly on them.  It certainly gives me a lot to think about when shaping the path my children follow. a lot. A Lot.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thank You Thursday

1. I am thankful that despite the record breaking flooding in Duluth early yesterday, no one was seriously injured or killed.  They have a long, broken road ahead of them.... you're all in my thoughts & prayers.

2. I'm grateful that we are afforded the opportunity to come home in the summer months, and equally as grateful for our annual two-week adventure in Washington to see the rest of our family.  It certainly makes up for the other ten months of the year when we fly solo in far away Ohio.

3. I'm thankful my grandma has successfully made the transition from life on the farm to a suitable place in town with her mind & independence in tact.

4. I'm even more thankful I still have my grandma to spend time with.  Both grandmas!

5. I am so grateful for Lauren. It is dreadfully painful to be in her presence when she is tired or hungry, but she makes up for it when she's not. The child has a kind heart and she's a good friend & loving little lady.  I thank God everyday for that girl.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Anger Management

Abby.  What more can I say?  If you've spent time with the child lately, one thing is clear: managing her anger and controlling her behavior is not her strong suit.

I've tried everything.... Let her cry it out, let her work it out herself, talk her through it, impose consequences for escalated behavior, take away privileges.  Long story short, I'm at the end of my rope.  Short of hiring a life coach, I came up with one final solution, The Secret Code.  When she gets angry, and you can bank on it happening sooner than later, she's supposed to give me a wink.  "But what if you're not with me?"  Easy!  Find something pretty, pretend it's me and shoot it a wink; I will know.  And with that suggestion it was like the heavens opened up and swallowed the intense frustration that had devoured her body.

Will it work every time?  Your guess is as good as mine.  But I'll be researching life coaches just in case.
 Wink Icon 32px png 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Not so Ten On Tuesday

The past school year I made a diligent effort to make a daily post.  It became a stealth record of the girls' school year and a nifty way to keep family & friends up on our latest musings.  This year I find my efforts yielded by two things: First, the girls' additional night of two-hour gymnastics consumes even more of our already dwindling family time.  Second, Blogger limits the number of pictures I can use without being charged a fee.  Frustrating!  I could solve the problem by setting my blog into a book and deleting pics, but of course I haven't made that commitment yet, so here I sit....

Ten on Tuesday has become my favorite weekly topic.  I LOVE its randomness, its structure, and of all posts it's probably the one that best captures a single moment in time.

In a nod to random, here's my Ten on Tuesday.  On Saturday.

1. I'm all for removing the drinking age.  My proposal: eliminate the right-to-drink at age 21, let kids start drinking whenever they want and instead cap off at oh, lets say 34.  As I see it kids can metabolize their booze much faster & get a much less severe hangover.  Of course I'm kidding about really proposing this legislation change.  But I am serious about one thing.  No one told me that just two adult beverages would make me feel so crappy the next morning.

2. I truly cannot remember the last Friday night I went out on the town.  I also cannot remember the last time I was awake late enough on East Coast time to be awake for The Tonight Show.  I haven't decided if that makes me a rock star or just a sad old lady.

3. When "Tonight, Tonight" comes on the radio we still gasp, then turn it up and dance.  Don't think that one will ever get old.  We can get crazy let it all out.... Love it!

4. I like to click on the "Everything" option on Pinterest.  That's where I've found most of the good stuff these days.

5. Last night Lauren told me she needed several cotton circle pads and a Q-Tip for a project.  She would also need some glue to make it stick.... I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

6. Hey girl.  I will never look at Ryan Gosling the same way again after seeing the mountain of Hey Girl inspirational pics.  My new annoying habit: coming up with Hey girl captions for all the gals in my life.... that will probably never get old either.  At least not to me.  I won't stop 'till I've Hey girled each and every one of you.  Hey girl, look out.

7. Spring forward already.  Really?  Ughh!

8. We've been pounding the smoothies lately.  An overdose of vitamins, maybe.  I'm all about anything that will keep 'em healthy.

9. My other favorite snack these days: apple & peanut butter sandwiches.  The girls love Granny Smith apples, so I use an apple corer to core one Granny Smith and cut it into round slices 1/8" thick pieces.  Spread peanut butter over one slice and top with another to make a sandwich.  Who knows.  Maybe someday we'll get clever and drizzle caramel or chocolate or even fill the hole with a random goody.  Hmmmmm.

10. I have great faith that someday Abby will grow out of her tantrums of anger.  She can be so mean, so nasty.  What happened to that gentle, free-loving baby I once shared with the world?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Abby ♥

Despite the fact that the child has a unmistakable fire in her belly, Lauren is sweet to the core.  How do I know?  I found a letter she wrote to her big sister, penned on her special outer space stationary.  On the front of the sealed envelope you'll simply find "Abby ♥"  The letter reads....

are my
Fen an
you are

Love, Lauren

The child melts my heart.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Now that the girls are old enough, I decided it was time to beef up their writing skills and what better way than keeping a journal.  Today was our first day, and barring a raging tantrum from Abby, I'd say it went pretty well.

When presented with the idea the girls were in love at first thought.  This morning they could hardly contain their excitement for this afternoon's project.

The rules are simple: each day will be a different subject.  The objective is to make them strong writers & independent thinkers.  This afternoon the three of us each opened up a crisp writing book.

Let the journaling begin....


1. They are building the house behind ours very fast!  I wonder when they'll move in!

2. Lauren makes me smile.

3. Abby is more like me than she'll ever admit.

4. I love storms.  Tomorrow: a thunderstorm is on tap.  I kind of wish it was snow, but I'm ready for a mild Spring.

5. I've found more ideas on Pinterest than I could ever keep up with.

6. There's something about old birdhouses.

7. The cabin is my favorite place on Earth.

8. Sharpened pencils give me peace.

9. When Abby gets mad, she gets MAD!


1. them one aving Fun
2. my mome mes me surh
3. you mek me hpu
4. I love you mom
5. You can Love me
6. We are tkly
7. I like Tes hou
8. You are my iret mom I like it
9. I Like my name
10. I Like rotkt


1. they are wrok on house
2. I make ten cukes
3. I have ten mittins
4. and a lot of hats
5. I Play in ten millin timeis
6. I like the hubru ten
7. and I like to Play
8. I love my mommy.
9. I like to be safteyu.
10. it is the last one

Clearly we have a little work to do, but all-in-all I'd say they've got the idea.  And what can I say.... Abby already knows 'a lot' are two words.  Right on little Brooke!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. I thought Lauren was dead.  Okay, not really.  But the thought did cross my mind when Geoff & I woke up after 9 on Sunday morning and hadn't heard a peep from our early riser.  Before long she came strolling into our bedroom asking, "Did you read the book I put on your nightstand for you?"  It didn't take much coaxing to get her to snuggle in bed with us and read it.... The 3 LPZ or as she read it, The Three Little Pigs.  Of course the big, bad wolf was a werewolf in her version and she even added the finishing touch: a Scooby Doo sticker to the front cover.  Only Lauren.

2. I found my crack.  Glee!  When my cold turned into the flu, which them morphed into a sinus infection I spent A LOT of time on the couch catching up quickly on Season II of Glee.  Genius writing.  I'm admittedly an addict.

3. My gal pal, Susie, will be happy to know that I've now gone active on Goodreads.  My other new internet addiction.

4. I finally freed myself of my last old-fashioned paper book and began my first book on my Kindle.  The fact that Wi-Fi takes up a lot of battery makes it really easy to tune out the distraction of its internet capabilities and focus on my book, which by the way, I'm really enjoying!

5. Abby's first grade bestie is Emma.  The way Abby's face lights up when she talks about her friend fills my heart with joy.  It's such a treat to watch her enjoying being a young girl.

6. I drove home with the windows down today.  It's January.

7. The smaller, thin-skinned lemons are much juicer and more flavorful.

8. I would never pay $13.99 for a half gallon of Graeter's ice cream.  This makes me very unOhio.  That does not make me sad.

9. Wuden't isn't in my vocabulary.  This makes me excessively unOhio.  I'm still not weeping.

10. I currently work for the best boss I've ever had.  She's a 100% Ohioan (is that what they call themselves?!) but she is by far one of the people I respect the most, personally & professionally.  I've learned more from her than she can probably imagine.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. "Today is the day," Abby proclaimed right away this morning.  Four weeks ago today was the day she joined the club, and now she can finally change her earrings.  She picked the "Love" earrings she got from her aunt & uncle for her birthday to be her first alternative to the originals.  I proudly report she learned to change them all by herself!

2. While it seems people in Minnesota are falling like dominoes as victims of the flu, a rash of strep that turns into Scarlet Fever is sweeping through our part of Ohio.  Yikes!

3. I stumbled upon Adam Young's blog the other day.  Ironically it was a post about how he pulled the name "Owl City" & it was featured with a pic of the Lift Bridge in Duluth.  I'm not sure what the exact link to that bridge is, but it fascinates me how a kid who grew up in the same town I grew up in has achieved such greatness while I clearly live the simple life.  Whooooo knows?!

4. What is Adel really talking about when she says she set fire to the rain?

5. Killing Lincoln is so well written that I cannot help but watch the President's speech tonight and compare & contrast the traditions today with those in the 1860s.  I can't help but wonder what Lincoln would think about every element of our country today.  Funny, I bet he couldn't even begin to imagine.  And yet we can't imagine our country without him.

6. How my sweet & caring child can lie stone-cold to her mother & father blows me away.  My heart truly sinks with grief at the thought of what happens to people who so blatantly lie.  I know some of those people.  It's a cold existence.  Now, how to keep her from falling to that fate....

7. An unexpected conversation with a fellow gymnastics mom last night revealed a disturbing discovery about the correlation between Kelly Air Force Base and Leukemia & Lou Gehrig's Disease.  What is going on in San Antonio that would contaminate the water and the people living & working at Kelly?  Heartbreaking.

8. Random Pintrest grab: Muffin Tin Eggs.

9. Clever Repurpose Pintrest grab: It's a Rake.  Seriously, this website is like crack.... once you start, you can't stop looking!

10. Another cold is taking hold of my entire body.  Tomorrow should be swell.  Looks like I'll be double-fisting my grapefruit juice.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Tonight for supper: Eggplant Parmesan.  I didn't even get to sit down and eat it with the fam.  But it smells awesome.

2. After months of suffering from stomach aches triggered by certain foods & other digestive dilemmas that shall remain nameless, I've decided that maybe what my system needs is to reboot.  I'm starting a four week probiotic regimen.  So far I think it's working; I started last night.

3. We have great neighbors.  Yes, in Fairborn.  I love them.  Just sayin'.

4. The girls weren't even awake for two minutes this morning before they found something insignificant to fight about.  Please tell me it's just a phase.

5. I'm so used to nasty dog farts that even when I'm not home I still think I smell them at times Lizzie would ordinarily be stinking up the house.  This has gotten worse with age.  Hers, not mine.  And I don't care what they tell you, once a poop-eater, always a poop-eater.  The Nasty Habit pills flavored with cayenne pepper that are supposed to make them unappetizing only get her more fired up for her meal.

6. If I had to pick a favorite dessert it would definitely be my mom's ice box cake.  Mom, you're not planning a visit anytime soon, are you?!

7. Who doesn't like Tom Selleck?  I've never heard anyone say they weren't a fan.  He's a true class act, stand up, all-American guy.

8. I'm completely engrossed in Killing Lincoln.  Who knew the Civil War could be so engaging.

9. I love the people I work with.  I love the girls at the age they're at.  Of all the details I would tweak about my life if I could, the truth is I couldn't be happier.  What a gift!

10. I was given a rude awakening tonight the things recent college grads have been facing.... mounting debt, the inability to get enough loans to pay for school, no access to credit cards even when you have a degree and are using it to earn a living.  It's going to be a tough road for these babes of mine.  *sigh*

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Germ Squirm

Thursday evening I spent three hours sitting on the floor of one of our rooms at school for a class our staff was taking on communicable disease.  Our instructor was a seasoned nurse who delivered the material in such an informative & enjoyable way that not only did we walk out of that class ready to conquer the world's germs, we were entertained beyond belief with side-splitting laugh after laugh.

I took a lot away from that class.  So much so that I thought it was worth compiling a list of fun facts & helpful tips....

  • Whatever you breathe in goes into your blood stream.  Consequently, whatever the person next to you breathes in will also be in your lungs.
  • For immunizations, visit the immunization clinic instead of your family practitioner.  Immunization clinics are required to follow federal guidelines.  They give out more immunizations and the cost is usually always lower.
  • When traveling out of the country, visit a Travel Immunization Clinic.  They know exactly what to immunize you for depending on your travel destination.
  • People with poor oral hygiene are 63% more likely to get pancreatic cancer. Floss, floss, floss!
  • Doctors don't test for viral infections, only bacterial.  Bacterial infections are larger, easier to test and are treated with antibiotics.  Bacterial infections are localized to a specific area, whereas viral infections can be felt throughout the body.  A cold or the flu would be examples of viral infections.
  • People can exchange infections easily with birds, pigs & cats.
  • Many of a child's birth defects can be traced to illnesses the mother was exposed to early in her pregnancy.  This is why they tell pregnant women not to change a cat's litter box: we can exchange illnesses with cats and they can easily be passed onto the fetus.
  • Check a preschooler's armpits for swollen lymph nodes.  Leukemia can be detected by doing so and is easier to treat if detected early.
  • Normal axillary temperature {the temp you get when you take the temperature in the armpit} is 97.6°.
  • Baby Tylenol is five times stronger than liquid Tylenol for older children.  This is because the baby's tongue naturally thrusts and they push the liquid out.  A helpful hint: the smaller the bottle, the smaller the dose.
  • The reason allergies like those to peanuts are on the rise is because we're over medicating our children with over the counter drugs.  Their T-cells have histidines on high alert, making them over sensitive.
  • Cincinnati is the bed bug capital of world.  Bed bugs are increasing in population because of our move to "Go Green"; we're using less harsh chemicals that would normally kill them.  It isn't a matter of if everyone will get bed bugs, but when.
  • To check a hotel for bed bugs, look for a sweet, musty odor upon entering.  Once inside your room, rest your bags on hard surfaces and check the cord of the mattress for their little black bodies; they tend to hide out there since that's an area that doesn't get washed.
  • Baking soda is a disinfectant.  It's an easy, cost-effective way to wash fruit: place fruit in cloudy mixture of baking soda & water then rinse with water.
  • Vomiting + Headache + Fever = 911!  The three are a deadly combination that can lead to Meningitis.
A resource with a variety of website links can be found at RN Instruction Co.  If you are in southern Ohio and looking for an instructor for your school or company on any of the topics she provides, I HIGHLY recommend Shelia Claycraft, RN!  You can contact her through the above link provided.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Am I the only one who races the lady in the self check-out lane at the grocery store?  It's a success if I can get each item into my bag before she blares out that nagging reminder.

2. Why is it that when I pick up the pump at the gas station all of the prices clear before I can make my selection?  Hmmmmm.

3. This afternoon Abby told me she didn't care if she crushed my soul, she doesn't care if she gets kidnapped because she wants to get away from me, she is going to tell everyone at my school what I did to her so they get mad at me and I lose my job, and that she put the toilet paper roll on backwards just to make me mad.  On one hand I commend her wit.  On the other I wonder, when did her heart grow two sizes too small?

4. Three words: Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  She bugs me.  One, her hair is atrocious.  Two, and most importantly, she drinks more Kool-Aid than anyone I've ever met through the TV.  Three, I giggled when I saw her shivering in New Hampshire this morning.  What, your Florida blood can't handle the cold?!  Okay, that last one might be jealousy.  I'm still waiting for winter.

5. The girls' Barbie house is set up and oddly enough it looks more like the morning after a frat party than it does a child's play toy.  The only thing missing is a Barbie hunched over the toilet.  Yep, there's even a toilet in the Barbie Glam House.

6. I'm the latest fan of Pintrest.  I've been looking for a clever idea for magnet boards.  The wheels are turning!

7. I just signed up to follow a blog I can't read.  I truly have no idea what any of it is saying, I have no idea what it is even called, but the pictures are awesome.  And clever.  Wheels still turning.

8. Word on the local forecast is that snow is in the works for Thursday.  I hope so, because right now the only song I have in my head is the one I reworked the lyrics to, "Waiting for a Winter Wonderland".

9. Great.  Apparently there is another song waiting for that one to make its exit and replace my thoughts with its annoyance.... "Red Solo Cup".  Stupidest song on the radio, hands down.

10. I bought Solo cups today for a party I'm hosting next Thursday.  As I stood in the commissary weighing my options there was "Red Solo Cup" infiltrating my head.  Ughhh.  I went with the blue.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Seventh Heaven

Abby woke up Friday morning to find the house completely decorated in honor of her seventh birthday.  Needless-to-say, she was in heaven!  Banners, balloons, presents & party hats.  And of course a surprise visit from her favorite Elf on a Shelf, Jase.

She fielded an early morning phone call from her grandma, assembled around the little table for homemade waffles with strawberries, whipped cream AND sprinkles, then it was off to first grade for the very first time as a seven-year-old.

I came to school in the afternoon with ice cream cups in hand to celebrate with her class.

Abby wanted to go out for Chinese for supper, so up to Huber Heights we went to our favorite Chinese buffet, then came home for a birthday bath and finally opening presents and chatting with Grandma & Grandpa Phillips.  We capped off our night the way we conclude every birthday, snuggled together reading On the Day You Were Born.

Daddy planned a Saturday outing in honor of the birthday girl, so off to EnterTRAINment Junction it was for an afternoon at the world's largest indoor train display.  Not only was it an impressive collection of model trains throughout the history of railroads in America, but it is also home to amusement mazes and a kiddie play land.  The girls loved it.  And we all loved being together.

And after all of that, if you ask Abby the best thing about her birthday she'll tell you, "Being seven."

Happy Birthday, Abby!


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