Friday, August 20, 2010

Flashback Friday

This blog has proved to be a great place to post our latest happenings and keep family & friends updated on our life with these two lovely girls. Consequently, it's also been a great place for us to look back at our milestones, stories & achievements. Since I've been a huge slacker on their scrapbooks, it seems to serve that purpose, too.... though I haven't given up my dream of getting those done. Someday. There are so many note-worthy & amusing tidbits that have happened before the evolution of this blog, I decided to randomly document them in a weekly post I call Flashback Friday.

Let the jump-back begin!

This morning Lauren wanted to play with Play-Doh. It's an activity I never suggest because the girls transform the little table into a complete disaster zone. Not to mention the fact that even if I can avoid assisting in the clean-up, I'm constantly harping on them to get it done. I dislike both.

Looking back, Lauren's been a fan of Play-Doh for quite some time. Though the clean-up was much easier back then....

{February, 2008}

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Susie said...

I love Flashback Friday and wish I had more access to our older pictures (they are somewhere in Andy's computer!) I'm glad you're doing it, too!

I stil stand firm that I don't like the play doh mixed up. Eew. Your girls are too cute as little ones!


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