Sunday, August 15, 2010

That Summer

As May drew to a close, the director of Abby's preschool approached me about an open position for the following school year. We began discussing my summer schedule and the small window of opportunity I had to interview for the job. Somewhere between our adventures in Washington, her week of vacation and our escapades in Minnesota. She responded with a smile, "Sounds like you'll be busy making memories." If she only knew....

This summer was a long time coming. I've been making a point of making it to Minnesota every summer since 2003, but it is usually tucked around a lot of time spent lonely. Geoff on deployments or training courses, local friends off vacationing having the time of their lives, and a couple of isolating summers with my hands full of two small babes.

But not this summer. This summer was filled with family, friends, fun, adventures, and more fun, fun, fun! Especially considering we didn't get to do all we'd hoped to accomplish: crab fishing in Washington, the Science Museum of Minnesota, The Minnesota Zoo, catching up with college friends in the Cities & friends in Owatonna.... I guess we've just left something for next year.

For years I have longed to spend time at the cabin, go fishing, sit by the fire, swim all day in the lake's warm waters & eat fresh fish.... this summer I did. A Twins game in the new ballpark, check. A memorable pleasure trip to Duluth, accomplished. Another great trip to Washington in the books.

My intention was not just to enjoy our summer, but to give the girls the opportunity to experience life, enjoy the pleasures that fill my heart, and learn, learn, learn. This summer we did them all.

Mrs. Gordon was right when she offered up that friendly comment. We've returned to Ohio with golden skin, much blonder hair, and wonderful memories. And I returned to a job waiting for me at the start of the school year. This is going to mean a big change for our family, but one that should be seamless and exciting.

So next week when Lauren begins preschool, her school will also be my work place. I'll be working in another part of the building. I'll be home to put Abby on the bus, and I'll be home when Abby returns from her full days at kindergarten.

We're entering a new chapter in our lives. And what a great way to kick it off after having THAT summer!

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Susie said...

Awesome, sounds like you definitely created a memorable summer :)


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