Friday, December 31, 2010

Thank You Thursdayish

1. I'm thankful I got out and about yesterday. It was tough getting around, but I needed it.

2. I'm thankful to be getting some rest. Some. Not as much as I'd like, but rest nonetheless.

3. I'm thankful the bad weather is holding off so I can collect on my Christmas gift from my sister today.

4. I'm thankful for a fun night of games last night with a few of the hockey players.  I'm not so happy that they consider exactly 33 to be old, but it was full of laughs regardless.

5. I'm thankful for spending time with Shawn and going to a hockey game tonight.... great way to end the year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

[friend]ly scrapbook

I put together this scrapbook with a friendship theme.  It's a great template to use for any occasion, with whatever paper you like.  This album leaves plenty of room to add pictures of various sizes, and the writing can be done directly in the book, or fashioned on with glue, tape, brads or a European stapler [].


{pagE oNe}

{pagEs tWo and tHree}

{pagEs foUr and fiVe}

{pagEs siX and seVen}

{pagEs eigHt and niNe}

{pagEs tEn and eleVen}

{pagEs tWelve and thiRteen}

{pagEs foUrteen and fifTeen}

{pagEs siXteen and seVenteeN}
page 17 features a torn built-in pocket w/ tag

{pagE eigHteeN}
remaining pages are fastened w/ ribbon to the back cover

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. There's no place like home.

2. There's nothing like a fresh hair cut. All three of us girls.... I love it!

3. Toy Story 3. Love this movie! Hate that this movie makes me cry every time!!

4. A broken toe has given me a new understanding.

5. "The low for tomorrow is only in the low twenties." Only in Minnesota!

6. This afternoon the girls and I made snow ice cream:

7. Abby just found out I strongly dislike (I'm being kind here) Barack Obama.  She is perplexed and curious.  And still talking about it.

8. It bothers me that KARE11 didn't have a set full of poinsettias this year.

9. My dad has a host of great things to teach our kids, but lines like "You can pick your friends.  You can pick your nose.  But you can't eat your friends," is not one of them.  It sure does make them think though.

10. My Sconnie friend sent me a link to some very clever and classic pro-Wisconsin attire. Ever since, has been showing up in ads all over the sites I'm on. Sorry Goggle. I'm not buying a t-shirt that says, "Ohio is the Worst State Ever," even if I think so. (Which, by the way, I don't. It's Virginia!)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Flashback Friday

In Honor of Their First Christmas
Oh how they've grown....

December 25, 2005
Abby's First Christmas

December 25, 2006
Lauren's First Christmas

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thank You Thursday

1. I'm thankful for the medical team that popped my broken toe back into place at the Xenia ER.  Even at 2 am we were laughing and cracking jokes, I'm thankful for a relatively easy visit--all things considered.

2. I'm thankful we made it to Minnesota without incident.  Big sigh of relief.

3. I'm thankful we are home at Christmas.  Geoff offered to stay in Ohio since I am virtually handicapped.  I said no thanks.

4. Thank you, Abby and Lauren for making me laugh.  Lauren told me today in the car she would wake me up before she go-goes.  Abby inquired why Daddy didn't park in the handicap spot since I am now handicapped.  So kind.

5. I'm thankful for leftover ice box cake.  My favorite!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ten on Wednesday

Too burnt out to post on Tuesday....

1. Mommy guilt feeds the frustration that feeds the mommy guilt.... If I hadn't been so busy, then maybe I wouldn't be up so early and tired so early at night. I put Abby to bed last night with my fingers crossed she'd sleep through the coughing. She did, but eventually she threw up all over her bedding; all three loads worth! Guilt. Frustration and anger. It's a toss up which one rules.

2. RSVP: repondez s'il vous plait. It means "please reply". I'm guessing a lot of people don't because I've been hearing a lot about this lost art lately.

3. It's snowing. Funny, I was kind of hoping it wouldn't.

4. More guilt: every time I hear someone on the news utter the words, "Severe weather alert" my heart skips a beat and then I'm thankful they are talking about the floods in California and Arizona and NOT severe weather in the Midwest. If the snow can just hold off until Christmas!

5. I'm hoping 2011 brings me a new car. No, not a car, a larger vehicle. It is almost nine years Granny and I have been together. I thought it would be hard to let her go, but now I am ready. Please, Granny, get us to Minnesota and back safely this Christmas break!

6. Lauren woke up exceptionally adorable today. I truly don't know what I would do without that little gal. Now she's in the bathroom offering to read a book to her sister. No, ten books. What a great sister!

7. This morning while she was sitting in the tub washing all of the vomit off of herself, Abby said, "I'm sorry, Mom."  My heart smiled.  Okay, so she barfs all over the bed, the floor.... I must be doing at least something right.

8. As much as I enjoy shoveling, I was boiling inside when I shoveled the neighbors' sidewalk. I'd gladly do it for people who are unable to do it for themselves, but in a house with three capable adults it is inexcusable!  I didn't even do it to be nice, I did it because it is our path to the bus stop and I don't want my kids walking in the street.  It did help my frustration when we brought over their jar of Christmas goodies.  Something about doing something kind for them that takes away the anger.  However, I will not be bringing them treats after I shovel out the route proceeding the next snow fall.

9. Abby loves school. She learns so much. And then she spends any time she isn't fighting with her sister practicing her skills. Love that girl!

10. I take so much pleasure in watching Abby learn to read.

{Abby Flipping Through Her New Fancy Nancy Book}

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Today at school this is how Lauren decorated her Christmas tree....

{Lauren's Florida Tree}

I guess somebody misses Florida.  Either that or I should be worried about concealed weapons!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Letters to Santa, 2010 Edition

Dear Santa,

I miss you.  Santa, we're giving you milk and cookies at Grandma and Papa's.  Santa, will you please give me milk and cookies, and a letter?  Will you please, and I love you and up with your reindeer.  Santa, I like your reindeer.  Santa you will get a Christmas reindeer doll.  Santa, do you like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?  Santa, do you like milk and cookies?  Santa, does Mrs. Claus want to come at Christmas?  Santa, why do you like milk and cookies?  Do you like frosting milk and cookies on top?



{Lauren with Santa at Preschool}


I love Santa!  I hope we see you, Santa.  I want to give you a special present.  Then we had to go to our grandma's.  Last night I see Santa, then we had to scare him and say, "Boo!"  Santa, I love you, then I want to see you at Christmas.

I love Santa.  I will give him some candy canes.  Santa, give me a special present with a puppy.  With a real puppy.  Can you do that?  Give me a real puppy?

I love you and I hope you don't die.  I went to the fair last night, just pretend.  I hope you get a Christmas tree.

I love Santa and Mrs. Claus.



{Abigail with Santa at Kindergarten}

Friday, December 17, 2010

Flashback Friday

This week's flashback is a collection of short films of the girls this Fall.  Due to technical difficulties I didn't get them uploaded in time for Halloween, so this seemed like the perfect platform to pull them out.

Fall, 2010
[pause the playlist in the right column to properly observe the audio]

{Halloween Surprise}

{Big Pussy Cat}

{Days of the Week}

{Lauren's Medley}

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thank You Thursday

1. I'm so thankful for snow days! LOVE THEM! I love the snow, I love the freedom, I love it all.  Today's snow day: making cookies, shoveling and playing in the snow.  Bliss.

2. I'm thankful for nights away.  Not just because I enjoy myself, but because I enjoy the company of others.  I also enjoy the girls so much more when I've been away, even if it's just for a few hours.

3. My cup runneth over.... I love where I work.  I am so thankful for such an amazing staff, a superior boss, and a family of great children.  What a delightful experience!

4. I'm thankful for the wonderful spirit this time of year brings out of people.  Up until now it's been mostly stress for me.... we're just getting to the good stuff!

5. I'm thankful the snow has come now and hope and pray it holds off for our drive home next week.  We could use a drive home for Christmas without incident.

Random Ramblings

  • Abby was trying to put the word that in a sentence.  She came up with this: "I am going to that Target."  Hmmmm.... I wonder who she takes after.
  • Yesterday afternoon on the drive home Lauren kept asking, "Can you see me?"  I kept telling her I could.  She wasn't talking to me; she was asking her great grandpa.
  • Lauren proclaimed yesterday that she is going to marry Shawn, a boy from preschool.  While I believe it is way too early to commit to your beloved, I approve of her selection.  It makes my heart smile knowing her devotion is going to a good boy. Granted, he is only three.  Great!  My daughter's a cougar.
  • I love snow days!  In part for reasons that are obvious, but also because it opens up a special opportunity with the girls.  Today we're baking our Christmas cookies.  Standing at the counter rolling them out Abby says to me: "This is what somebody said at school, 'Do you have issues?' 'No, I don't have issues,' I said. Why does somebody keep asking me that?  That little David."  It's so hard not to chuckle sometimes.
  • The girls are 4 and 5.  It has already been decided that Abby will get my Christmas cookie cutters when she grows up.  Lauren is left with the Halloween. Whew, they are starting early.

The little stinkers of mine got on the computer to do a little typing of their own:


 8yhyrfgtfgffdfferewegglkllllklllllllluiuyuyytyhyut6555 45ukjhjgfsdasewqe333333yhhfvgfggghyuyuuyi u8i8hytyttytryrtrtertttttttttttttt


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Our little Lauren is quite a performer.  We had our Christmas concert at preschool both yesterday and today (some of the children come every other day, so two concerts are held--one for each group).  Lauren sang her little heart out and just loves to gather an audience.

While she refused to wear the special Santa hat she made at school, she is donning the lovely mismatched outfit she chose especially for today's performance.  In case you are wondering, yesterday's outfit is equally as bad.

Lauren Sings
"Santa Claus is Coming to Town"
[Don't forget to mute the playlist in the right column.]

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. One of the greatest things about all of the picture Christmas cards is that the girls LOVE to look at them. They ask questions, we tell stories.... it's a great way to share the adventures we've been on and the people we've met along the way with them.  Most of the time they don't remember, but they love the stories!

2. Despite all the hard work I put into my handmade cards this year, nothing can top last year's card with the pictures. We really need to have good pictures taken like that again. Next year.

3. I find it ironic that there are more people who don't speak English on an American Air Force Base than off base, and it's in every community we've lived in. I also find it annoying.

4. I'm admittedly bitchy these days; anything will irritate me.... the crumbs the mouse leaves on the mouse pad (hint, hint, I know it isn't from the mouse), Lauren chewing with her mouth open, the girls fighting, Abby pulling out her hair.  It's all getting to me.  I'm sure this cold I'm in the thick of and the busy holiday season don't help.

5. When Abby found out I'm bringing my lead teacher, Robin, a special birthday treat tomorrow she was so touched she drew her a picture.  She loves Robin, and I love her drawing. 

{Abby and Robin Playing in Robin's Classroom}

6. I love roll-over meals. Tonight's chicken in the crock pot lends enough stock for two soups, plus I can make chicken soup from the carcass.  On top of that there is plenty of chicken to freeze for future meals, like Grandma's chicken and biscuits.  Grandma would be so proud!

7. I'm also acutely frustrated with Duluth Pack right now. Thank you for shipping my package to our Florida address, even though I made it very clear it was to come to my current Ohio address.  Ughh! What is wrong with people?!

8. Another thing that bugs me.... belching.  Why is it people feel the need to do it with every other breath?  I'm not a prude, just really annoyed by it.

9. Yet another irony. My nose is red. Maybe our class should have been the ones to sing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer for the Christmas program today. Maybe I can stand up and be the lead reindeer tomorrow, as I'm sure this nose of mine will still be a beautiful shade of scarlet.

10. Why not talk about something else that annoys me: Kwanzaa! It isn't real, people!!! Name one family who has celebrated it for thirty years.... You can't.  That is because it has only been about thirty years since some guy sitting in a California prison made it up so that his people could be represented with their own holiday.  Uftah.  I personally find it offensive that everybody and their brother who isn't Christian thinks they need to impede on our holiday. I also find it slightly disturbing the truth behind the origin of Christmas.  Add to the list, I'm disturbed with my brusque attitude tonight. No doubt I'll sleep it off and tomorrow I'll be a whole new, much more pleasant girl.  I hope!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Note to Mice

Directly behind our house is a once vacant field now progressively being cleared and occupied by new homes.  As a result we were given the unpleasant pleasure of house guests last winter.  Thanks to enticing peanut butter traps, and plug-in mice repellent, it is no longer an issue.

This weekend Geoff has finally had enough of the girls' unkept toy situation and removed everything from the upstairs playroom and relocated it to the basement.  This has upset Lauren on a very deep level, as it has driven her to post a note to any potential rodent visitors.

{Note to Mice}

She has kindly dictated her script....


Get away from our house otherwise go away.  If you're gone for weeks then go.  Your mice cleaned you out.  If your mice go around your basement, do your projects.  If you don't like them, too bad.  We'll get some peanut butter on their mouth.

Chew on This

A fairly simple stocking stuffer for the office.

Obviously I had trouble settling on one paper pattern.  But with little more than a pair of scissors and some double stick tape, I transformed a simple pack of Trident gum into happy little snowmen.  Who doesn't love a minty fresh snowman smile?!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ten Favorite Christmas Songs

A seemingly fitting way to end the Tens.  Again, in no particular order....

1. "White Christmas" by Bing Crosby

2. "Winter Wonderland" by Perry Como

3. "Jingle Bells" by Frank Sinatra

4. "I'll Be Home for Christmas" by Bing Crosby

5. "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer" by Gene Autry

6. "Here Comes Santa Claus" by Gene Autry

7. "Christmas Don't Be Late" by Alvin and the Chipmunks

8. "Holly Jolly Christmas" by Burl Ives

9. "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" by John Cougar Mellencamp

10. "Christmas Time is Here" from A Charlie Brown Christmas

2nd Annual Gingerbread House Building Competition

This Sunday afternoon was the event of the Zahn Christmas season.... Our annual gingerbread house decorating contest.  The girls were into it this year more than ever, and in more ways than one.

{Lauren's Maison}

{Abby's Haus}

{Brooke's Casa}

{Geoff's Dwelling}

{A Beautiful Neighborhood}

For a list of supplies and the royal icing recipe, visit last year's post:

Christmas Wreath

Now that the temperature has dipped below freezing, we can hang the wreath we made yesterday out of ice. Fortunately it was a multi-step process, which allowed each of the girls to contribute to our new outdoor Christmas decoration.

The girls loved making this project entirely by themselves, and didn't even realize they were learning about the concept of freezing and thawing.  Okay, freezing now.... thawing later.

To Make an Ice Wreath You Will Need:

  • 1 ice cube tray
  • water
  • food coloring
  • a round pan with a hole, or a round pan and a cup
  • a freezer, with enough space for your pan
1. Fill ice cube tray with water and food coloring.  (We chose to do 6 red and 6 green.)  Freeze completely.

2. Fill a bunt pan, or any round pan*, with water to desired level with cold water.  Remove ice cubes from tray and place in bunt pan; work fast, the ice cubes will melt a bit.  (We did not color the water in the bunt pan, it turned green from the ice cubes slightly melting.)   Freeze completely.

3. Once frozen, remove from bunt pan by dipping in warm water.

4. Sting ribbon through and hang outside in 32° or colder temps.

*If you do not have a bunt pan, you can simple place a freezer-friendly cup in the pan.  The water will freeze around it, leaving a hole to hang your wreath with when completed.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

School Pictures

Here they are, the girls' school pictures for the 2010-2011 school year.

{Abby--Kindergarten.... The New Smile}

Geoff says this looks like one of the pictures from The Bachelor}

Ten Favorite Places

1. The cabin

2. Duluth

3. Boston

4. At a Bulldogs' game, preferable at the DECC, but any game will do.

5. Grandpa and Grandma's house

6. At home in Owatonna

7. My in-laws' in Wenatchee

8. The Paper Source

9. Out on Grandpa's boat on our lake!

10. Sitting around the fire at the cabin!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Flashback Friday

Nothing says rite of passage like a bath in the sink at the cabin.
(Didn't I just mention how I love Kemps milk in my last post?!)

July, 2007

{Nikki and Amanda Bathe Their Little Cousins}

Ten Things I Love to Drink

It's Friday.  It's the tenth.  Why not?!

1. Sweet tea

2. Mom & Dad's well water

3. Caribou coffee

4. Fresh squeezed lemonade from the fair

5. Kemps milk

6. Hot chocolate after sledding

7. Leinenkugel's Honey Weiss.... with a lemon of course!

8. 1919 Root Beer fresh from the tap!!

9. Wine: Moscato and Riesling

10. Mixed Drink: Midori Sour

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thank You Thursday

1. I'm thankful for being appreciated.

2. I'm thankful for having a job, and one I love is just the icing on the cake.

3. I'm thankful none of my Christmas cards have come back to me yet.  I'm a little concerned with all of the "extras" I added, and upset that I had to put them in the envelopes backwards so they will go through the postal machines.... I hope!

4. I'm thankful for the snow.  More to come this weekend, I love it!

5. I'm thankful for learning about others' Christmas traditions.  If I had never left home I would never have been exposed to the diverse group of people I've met in our travels.  There are an interesting cast of characters out there!

The Climb

This is Abby and Lauren's first year on the gymnastics team.  They were selected this spring to work towards competitive gymnastics.  They start on level one, and each spring they're evaluated, and move up accordingly.  Competition doesn't begin until level three (whew!), and while it is obvious that they are no where near competing, it's amazing what they can already do after just over a year in gymnastics.

For some reason the parent gallery always seems to be amazed when they climb the rope.  Tonight I snapped a picture of each of the girls working to make their way to the top.  Below the action shots are their individual pictures from this season.

{Abby Going Up}

{Lauren's Climb}

{Abby--Level 1}

{Lauren--Level 1}

Ten Smells I Love

1. A baby

2. The girls after a bath

3. Cinnamon

4. Clean Sheets

5. Fresh baked bread

6. Grandma's kitchen

7. The cabin

8. A cold ice rink

9. Mom's spaghetti sauce bubbling on the stove

10. Origins' mint fragrance

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ten Things I Want To Do Before I Die

1. Taste, smell and explore Europe.

2. Take a hot balloon ride.

3. Visit all fifty states.

4. Spend a week in DC when the cherry blossoms bloom.

5. Take a trip to New York City during the Christmas season.

6. See St. Petersburg, Russia.

7. Visit Buckingham Palace and see Big Ben.

8. Move back to Minnesota.

9. Have my own classroom again.

10. Meet and get to know my great grandchildren.

Little Jimmy

Lauren's baby is a blue blanket covered in rockets that she fondly refers to as Rock, Rocky, or the strikingly obvious, Rocket Blanket.

Today she made a new friend.... Jimmy.  I don't know where she found Jimmy, but all day Jimmy was with her.  Eventually she had her quirky preschool class on board the silly train.  Jimmy even had is own seat and stack of papers.  Oh, Jimmy.  He is her new special friend.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ten Random Facts

1. You take in one tenth of a calorie when you lick a stamp.

2. "Love Rollarcoaster" is sung by The Ohio Players.... I just learned this, which means there is indeed a musical act that shares the name of each of the place the military has taken us.  Who knew?!

3. Reinhold Niebuhr is the author of the Serenity Prayer.

4. Stainless steel is naturally antibacterial.

5. The Eagles were formed to back up Linda Ronstadt, but never preformed for her together in studio or in concert.

6. Fireflies are a type of beetle.

7. Poinsettias originate in Mexico and do not fare will in cold temperatures.

8. Donder, one of Santa's reindeer, is commonly misspelled and mispronounced.

9. The Mayflower traveled at 2 mph on its 66 day voyage.

10. If you have 3 quarters, 4 dimes, and 4 pennies, you have $1.19. You also have the largest amount of money in coins without being able to make change for a dollar.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Ten Movies I Could Watch Over and Over and Over....

In no particular order:

1. Office Space

2. Top Gun

3. The Hangover

4. Dirty Dancing

5. American Pie

6. Hope Floats

7. It's a Wonderful Life

8. Grease

9. Elf

10. Toy Story 3

Yes, Lovelies, There is a Santa Claus

Today was the day, our visit to see Santa.  The girls were filled with questions: Did you drive your sleigh here?  Are these reindeer real?  What do you want for Christmas?  Do you have any hair?

They never did tell Santa what they wanted, but did tell each other on the car ride there that they would like Play Doh and a candy cane (AKA the gifts Santa gave out last year at preschool).

It took a few minutes to warm up to the jolly 'ol elf, but alas they made their way to his lap and sat hesitantly for a picture.

{Santa Reads The Night Before Christmas}

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ten Things I Love About Winter

In honor of the last week with the TENth day in the year two thousand TEN, I'm making a list of TEN things each day.... So really, it's just an excuse for another random theme of postings.

Ten different subjects in seven days.  Kicking it all off: Ten Things I Love About Winter!

1. ❄Snow❄

2. Hot chocolate

3. Fires in the fireplace. Or outside in the fire ring we have to dig out at the cabin, then sitting around carved out benches in the snow.

4. Sledding

5. Seasonal allergies.... dormant!

6. Hockey!!

7. Christmas!!!

8. Shoveling.... Yes, I love to shovel, especially when the snow is still falling!

9. Mittens, scarves, and sweatshirts!

10. No yard work! Except shoveling, of course, which we've already established I love to do.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snow Daze

I was really looking forward to a simple post.  A quick little note, a couple of pictures, then off to enjoy a stress-free Saturday night.  Think again, mother of the naughties.

It started out as a typical Saturday.  Brooke gets up before the sun, gets her energy from her morning coffee and American Top 40--The 80s, and I'm busy cleaning the house.  Despite the fact that Abby refused to go shopping with Geoff, I still made good time on my house work, took a shower, then settled in for a snack, a cup of hot chocolate and Hi Ho! Cherry-O with the girls. It had been snowing all day; it was the kind of day I love to love.... snow falling, a clean house and time with my lovelies.  I should have known it was going to the crapper when Tiny started cheating and our game came to a grinding halt.

{Finally Enough to Cover the Ground}

{Games, Snow and Hot Chocolate with the Lovelies}

I got a few other things done while the girls relaxed this afternoon, and the chili we had for supper was great.  Then I went upstairs upon finishing the clean-up from supper.  Staring me in the face was a floor full of cracker crumbs.  Clearly my children had forgotten the rule: No Food Upstairs.  Then another violation: No one was willing to respond to interrogation.

Smoke was coming out of my ears.  I'm pretty sure they thought I was going to let it go.  For the most part I stayed calm, cleaned it up as they sat observing in anguish.  They cleaned up their toys on demand, then got their teeth brushed and jammies on in silence.  They were horrified to learn their night had ended an hour early; it was bed time.

I may regret that decision in the morning when they are awake at six o'clock, but for tonight I am going to enjoy the peace.... a house free of their wrath.  I'm going to bust open a fresh bottle of wine and enjoy the rest of my snow day.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Flashback Friday

The first time Abby's toes touched the ocean.

Cocoa Beach, Florida

June 27, 2005

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thank You Thursday

1. I'm thankful for getting one step closer to having my projects complete.

2. I'm thankful my sassy girl is almost ready for bed.

3. I'm thankful I went to Book Club last night, even though I would rather have stayed inside while it was a snowy, windy wonderland.... It was fun chatting with the girls.

4. I'm thankful there are people in this world that do the tough things most of the rest of us cannot. The mom at gymnastics, the one who adopted five kids, then found out she was pregnant with twins; that's a champion.

5. I'm thankful for my hard-working husband. I owe him a lot more than a thank you. I'm one lucky girl!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ten on Wednesday

This marks two Tuesdays in a row I didn't get my post up in time. Uftah! I hope it was worth waiting for. Hahahaha.

1. Lauren loves our holiday collection Winter Candy Apple soap. Whatever gets her to wash her hands.

2. The tree is finally decorated. What a fun night of watching the girls decorate the tree while Daddy rearranges to perfection. From time to time he let out a belly laugh, as the girls took great care in piling multiple ornaments on a single branch.

{Lauren, the Step Ladder, and Our Unnaked Tree}

3. After decorating the tree we snuggled up in front of the tree and the fire place to watch Rudolph. One of my favorite parts of Christmas!

4. Lauren's school pictures came back yesterday; she's a unique little girl.

5. I'm in search of a good bread. The kind you keep on hand for sandwiches. I haven't been having very good luck lately.

6. The taste of sleeping in over Thanksgiving vacation has left me wanting more.

7. If I could inject Lauren with something that would freeze her at this age, I might consider it. She is so stinkin' cute sometimes. She wakes up every morning with a smile because she was dreaming about Freddie from Scooby Doo. I just want to squeeze her! On a semi-related note, the girl proclaims, "Scooby Doobie-Doo!" when she gets excited.  What to do with this little character of mine.

8. I had my turtleneck on backwards all day.  I noticed it with an hour left of work.  Of course by this time I was sitting quietly reading a book and it was bugging the crap out of me.  It's still backwards; now I just don't have the will-power to do anything about it.

9. You'd think a girl like me would have had her ice scrapper in the car a month ago.  I was annoyed with myself I didn't have it in there when we went home a couple of weeks ago.  Not that I couldn't brush the snow off with my hand after work today.  I did.  But now I've packed my scraper.

10. December couldn't start off any better than with a picturesque snowfall.  The hot chocolate is heating up right now!  Merry Christmas!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Flashback Friday

Abby's First Thanksgiving

Because really, when you live in a house with a gigantic acrylic cheetah on the wall, where else would you take the family photo?!

November 24, 2005

P.S. I am thankful we don't have to celebrate Thanksgiving in Florida ever again!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Final Thank You

I'm thankful for the lessons from my grandpa,
That I carry with me each day.
I'm thankful for the things he said,
And all he didn't say.

You lived your life how you left it,
With dignity and grace.
And when I look around me,
You've left more than just a trace.

You taught us how to love,
More than you'd ever show.
And for the rest of my life you'll be with me,
More than you could ever know.

Day of Thanks--No. Twenty-Five.... The Grand Finale

Lauren: "I'm just thankful for Miss Lisa."

Abigail: "I'm thankful for playing this game." She is referring to The Game of Things we were playing at the neighbors'.

Brooke: "I'm thankful for Grandma's phone call this morning.  For the family who is with us in our hearts.  And for the family of friends next door; what a great Thanksgiving.... Thanks for inviting us to share it with you!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day of Thanks--No. Twenty-Four

Abigail: "I am thankful that Lauren and me are friends."

Lauren: "I'm thankful for these pajamies." She's sporting her new ballerina bye-tootsies.

Brooke: "I'm thankful for today. We went nowhere. We stayed tucked in our jammies.  I finished making my Christmas cards. Geoff was home for supper and we ate as a family.  Life is good.

Ten on Wednesday

I missed the boat on this one last night.  So here I am mixing it up, ten random thoughts on Wednesday.

1. I think I've finally solved the mystery of why my girls vomit every time they have any significant quantity of any cream-of-something soup.... monosodium glutamate (MSG).  I can thank Mrs. Hart for that clever insight. Now, the trick is finding some without it. The hunt is on.

2. Abby loves to sing.  Is she a good singer?  Jury's out.  But she is to me.

3. When we made the multi day drive from Florida to Minnesota in '07 our saving grace was Raffi.  We haven't listened to the CD since that summer, but the girls have now fallen in love with it again. {smile}

4. My goal is to finish my Christmas cards today. Good luck to me!

5. I was pooped on multiple times by a pack of migrating birds while cleaning out my car on Sunday.  Later I was informed this is good luck.  If that is the case, I'm about to be blessed!

6. I could have kicked myself when I finished making my scones Monday morning, realizing I added 1 Tbsp. of baking soda instead of 1Tbsp. of baking powder. This is not the first time this has happened.  What makes matters worse is I even set out the baking powder and still made the mistake. The good news is they burnt in the oven anyways while I was out at the bus stop with Abby.  It was good for a laugh.  And I can proudly announce they turned out just fine on day two.

7. Abby is finally sleeping with sheets on her bed. I've developed a terrible paranoia of middle-of-the-night vomiting, and rightfully so, it went on in our house for a month. So far she is on night three of clean sheets! {knock on wood}

8. What possessed me, I don't know, but I set the timer for five minutes this morning when Lauren was throwing her fit.  When it went off, she needed to be done or she lost all TV privileges for the rest of the day.  Needless-to-say she shut up when that bell rang. {yay for us all}

9. All of my clocks, with the exception of one, have needed their batteries changed within the last month. {hmmmmm}

10. Fingers crossed this holiday season is less stressful than the last. {merry christmas}

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day of Thanks--No. Twenty-Three

Lauren: "Well, I'm thankful for my mom and dad. No, wait, the cookies."  At least we know where we rate. Hahaha.

Abigail: "Thankful that I miss my daddy.  I missed him and I wanted to give him a special treat.  Guess who is the best guy, who is my favorite that we live with.  Daddy."

Brooke: "I'm thankful another successful trip to the commissary is complete. My fellow patrons weren't bad tonight, but still my patience was thin. The silver lining: going to the commissary at night means a friendlier staff, and less misguided elderly shoppers.  I'm terrible, I know."

Monday, November 22, 2010

2010 Christmas Lists

Per the request of anxious grandparents, I have composed a Christmas list for Abby and Lauren.  I am posting it on the blog for one reason: it is easy access for anyone interested, and I can change it if necessary.

With that said, the girls haven't sat down and made formal lists.  We've tried not to do that with them, avoiding turning the holiday season into a celebration of greed.  I have spent time talking to them about it, and the following are ideas we've put together for their wish list.

{Size 4T}
  • Toy Story 3 Movie Theater and Story Projector (Barnes and Noble)
  • A Buzz Lightyear
  • Fred doll (from Scooby Doo)
  • Curious George movie
  • The red car at the BX
  • A fishing poler
  • Scooby Doo panties
  • Black Express sweatshirt--no hood!
"And that's it."

{Fred, From Scooby Doo--by Lauren}

{Size 5T}
  • Charms for her Italian charm bracelet
  • Dresses and tights (we usually shop at Old Navy and the Gap)
  • Pink Express sweatshirt
  • A fishing pole to fish with Papa
  • Abby loves elephants!

Both Girls Like
  • Any kind of art supplies: They would love their own tape, hole punches, fancy cutting scissors, stapler, etc.
  • Books
  • Puzzles and learning toys:
  • Cooking
  • Movies (though they have many, so check with me first)
  • Playing in the snow
  • Gymnastics
  • Their families
  • Playing Matchbox Cars
  • Swimming


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