Monday, August 9, 2010

[duLutH paCkEd]

On a whim, Geoff decided to leave the confines of Dayton behind and join us in Minnesota for our last week of heaven. Geoff and I decided to take an overnight trip, packed it up and headed to Duluth!

Only One Rule: We can only do things we can only do in Du-LutH!

Lunch at Sir Bens: √

Breath-taking views of the lake: √

Beauty on the beach: √

Walk the Lake Walk: √

Bulldog Pizza for supper: √

Using our detective skills to locate Geoff's grandparents' graves: √

Hot tub & Sauna: √

Mount Royal doughnuts for breakfast: √

Wedding rings cleaned & checked: √

A visit to campus: √

General Tso's chicken for lunch: √

A stroll through Canal Park: √

A much needed get-way for Brooke & Geoff: √

Back in Owatonna with our lovelies: √

Uff da! That's a lot to pack into 24 hours, doncha know!

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