Friday, August 27, 2010

Dressed Up

This morning the house was alive with the sound of music. Again. Looking back, I'm guessing this may have been the reason for her lyrical exuberance on the first day of school. She met her love on my first day of work, and she knew her heart was his.
She wore a dress, just as she told me she would last night {See Laurens' Beau:}. She went into her closet and picked out her fanciest one, no doubt to try and catch his eye. It sounds like Lauren may have some stiff competition, as she is not the only one who sees her young beau as the dreamiest boy in the preschool class. But none of that really matters. He is a nice young boy with a kind heart, and cute to boot.
Of course, as you may suspect, the dress came off as soon as we were home and there was no chance of running into Connor. "It's only for school," she told me. But I know in her heart, it's only for Connor.

{Lauren Wears a Dress to Preschool}

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