Monday, August 16, 2010

A New Chapter

I hate endings. Hate them! I hate saying good-bye, and I especially hate change. I was the one shedding tears on Abby's last day of preschool. It's probably a lot less hate and a lot more about my fear of the unknown.

With every completed chapter comes a new one. Age and experience have gifted me with that wisdom. This summer has been one for the books, but maybe more importantly, it has helped transition us from our care-free comfortable routine into a new more defined one.

I hate leaving Minnesota. I love being home in the place I love, surrounded by people and activities I enjoy. But this time leaving was different. It helps when you have something waiting for you on the other side.

Today was my first staff meeting at work. Having been in and out of the preschool last year with Abby, I knew the environment I was walking into. I just didn't know that the smiles on all of the adults' faces were really that genuine and sincere. This is a group of people who love their jobs, are great at what they do, and have welcomed me with open arms. I hate to say it, but I think I'm going to love it!

We are also opening another new chapter: The Babysitter. Sarah, a family friend and the girls' first babysitter, has PCSed (that's military speak for permanently moved) to Colorado, leaving us with a vacancy to fill on the rare (but hopefully expanding) need for an after-hours child care specialist. Lucky for us another old friend from Hanscom PCSed into Wright-Patt with a daughter egar & willing to take the reigns. She was up bright and early this morning, armed with her bag of tricks, and had a great morning with the ladies in my absence.

As much as I hate being away from home, I love finding the perfect fit in Ohio.

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