Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fighting the Fears

Every child has her own fears. When the bear showed his face at dusk on the night of August 2nd, it was clear that the thought of a bear right outside the comfort of the cabin was enough to throw Abby into a paranoia of unsecured doors. "Lock the doors. Don't open them," she repeatedly insisted.

I had my own fears here and there as a young lady. Outhouses--hated them! Forget the smell, they were dark & deep and a skinny butt like mine could fit with ease through that opening. Never mind the alligator I was sure was living in its depths; thank you made-for-TV-movie on Channel 9 for making my early years of cabin visits without indoor plumbing a literal nightmare!

I was also afraid of the gold lion on Grandpa & Grandma's bathroom wall back on the farm. Grandma loves that lion, and the truth is if someone took it down from the wall in the cabin's bathroom, where it currently resides, I would probably pitch a bit of a tantrum. But whenever I sit on the can it looks at me. It creeps me out. That just might be why I use the outhouse.

{From the Home Interiors Collection, Circa the Disco Era}

With said mention of alligators, it is probably no surprise that I am not fond of any reptile, including the cabin's current resident frog. After being enlightened on its local, I bravely grabbed the bait cup & lid from on top of the basement fridge, but screamed like a girl when the frog leaped out of my grasp.

{Big, Scary Frog}

And then, of course, there is the bear. When word of the bear's arrival reached our cabin's phone line, my body filled with excitement. Not fear. No fear. Okay, a little fear, but just a smidgen. I went outside for a picture, but with little space between me & the cabin door, what is there really to worry about?

As for the frog & the lion.... I took care of my toilet needs in the outhouse & my bathing was done in the lake. Possibly encountering the bear, but avoiding the frog & the lion!

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