Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. The smell of freshly popped popcorn at Target is one of my favorites. If I need to get high, a quick 9:15 am visit should do the trick.

2. Random Target Shopper: stop walking down the middle of the aisle en route to the check out. And while you're at it, a shower might be helpful. I know that was mean, but seriously that poor fella needed to freshen up!

3. Matthew MaConauhey bugs me. To the point that I don't even see cute anymore; only annoying.

4. Reuniting with Flonase. My sinuses thank me.

5. For the first time since college I find myself saying, "I can't wait for school to start!" I hate to feel this way, but honestly Abby & Lauren and their squabbles are getting to me. Of course it doesn't help that our days are booked with appointments and chores. How many more days???

6. I love my new hair cut. Nothing fancy. But it's fresh. And my roots are perfectly patched. Love it!

7. What I really want to do is pull up a chair in the garage, read my book & let the girls ride their bike & scooter. Ughh, if only there wasn't a mountain of other things I need to get done!

8. I joined a book club. I haven't decided if I'm crazy, ambitious or both. I read at a snail's pace so getting through a book a month is setting the bar high. This is me, both feet, jumping in.... Splash!

9. I love eggplant. My cousin, Luke, hates it. He uses them for target practice. But I love it. The ones I grabbed from Grandpa & Grandma's garden are superb!

{Insert fighting over who-knows-what in the toy room downstairs. Ughhh!}

10. While the townies are drinkin' it up listening to Hairball in the Beer Gardens at the SCFF tonight, I'll be 730 miles away. It's a little odd that I'm okay with this. The truth is, I'd probably eat a sampling of my favorite fair foods (wash a Greek shish kabob down with a state fair malt, then top it off with Tom Thumb doughnuts!) and then spend the evening gagging at the thought of hairballs. I just can't get past that one.

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