Friday, September 26, 2008

Abby & Politics

All that talking to Abby about anything and everything is paying off.... I was just taking a political quiz on the internet where you pick a quote you agree with either from Obama or McCain, then at the end of the quiz you find out which candidate your views match up more closely with. Both candidates were sitting on a teeter totter. All of the sudden Obama was flipped off and surprise, surprise, I like McCain. As I was analyzing which questions belonged to which candidate Abby said, "Where did Barack Obama go?" Honest to God. She truly knew his first and last name! Either I watch way too much FOX News, or she is so darn smart! I'm going a little of both.

Now I am really going to get supper started, all this political jargon has gotten me light headed.


Here's the website if you're interested in the quiz:


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