Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. That Abby. She met her Kindergarten teacher, Miss Duling (pronounced Dooling), last night at her open house. Accompanying her was her Lizzie Elephant, of course, and the little silver bow that came strapped to the box her Grandma Phillips sent her with a special charm bracelet commemorating the start of school. During the drive home I asked Abby where her bow was, "I left it on my name tag." Why? "So it can be pretty." She's a girl after my own heart!

2. No matter how serious the matter, it's still hard not to laugh when someone says, "Poop Streaks".

3. I feel like crap. Like I've been hit by a truck. One day working with the little tots and I'm this beat up.... it's going to be a long year!

4. I haven't decided if it's a cold or the flu. I'm leaning towards flu. My body aches. Pure ache. I'm sneezing like crazy and I just want to curl up in a ball and lay in bed. However, vacation's over.

5. I had no idea Francis Scott Key was a lawyer. I think I should have known that.

6. I also don't know what Geoff does. Really. I know he does spread sheets, but is he in finance or a comptroller? I'm pretty sure it's finance, but not sure enough to put money on it.

7. The little ones wear me out. Maybe it's the sick talking. Maybe both.

8. I miss summer vacation already. Back home everyone is still basking in the sun & enjoying the fair. Darn Ohio.

9. When we left Abby's open house last night Geoff said, "I just didn't get a good feeling from her teacher." To which I replied, "She sounded Southern." It was like a light bulb came on in Geoff's head: "That's it."

10. I like Abby's teacher. She is strong, confident, organized, smart, exhibits fine penmanship, and good with the kids & their parents. Heck, she had us signing up for November conferences already. Ufda! As long as Abby doesn't come home spouting off ya'll and fixin' we'll be in good shape.

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Susie said...

Ah, Brooke, I'm sorry those little one's germs already got to you, girl. Feel better soon!!

What's wrong with Southern folk?


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