Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. I thought Lauren was dead.  Okay, not really.  But the thought did cross my mind when Geoff & I woke up after 9 on Sunday morning and hadn't heard a peep from our early riser.  Before long she came strolling into our bedroom asking, "Did you read the book I put on your nightstand for you?"  It didn't take much coaxing to get her to snuggle in bed with us and read it.... The 3 LPZ or as she read it, The Three Little Pigs.  Of course the big, bad wolf was a werewolf in her version and she even added the finishing touch: a Scooby Doo sticker to the front cover.  Only Lauren.

2. I found my crack.  Glee!  When my cold turned into the flu, which them morphed into a sinus infection I spent A LOT of time on the couch catching up quickly on Season II of Glee.  Genius writing.  I'm admittedly an addict.

3. My gal pal, Susie, will be happy to know that I've now gone active on Goodreads.  My other new internet addiction.

4. I finally freed myself of my last old-fashioned paper book and began my first book on my Kindle.  The fact that Wi-Fi takes up a lot of battery makes it really easy to tune out the distraction of its internet capabilities and focus on my book, which by the way, I'm really enjoying!

5. Abby's first grade bestie is Emma.  The way Abby's face lights up when she talks about her friend fills my heart with joy.  It's such a treat to watch her enjoying being a young girl.

6. I drove home with the windows down today.  It's January.

7. The smaller, thin-skinned lemons are much juicer and more flavorful.

8. I would never pay $13.99 for a half gallon of Graeter's ice cream.  This makes me very unOhio.  That does not make me sad.

9. Wuden't isn't in my vocabulary.  This makes me excessively unOhio.  I'm still not weeping.

10. I currently work for the best boss I've ever had.  She's a 100% Ohioan (is that what they call themselves?!) but she is by far one of the people I respect the most, personally & professionally.  I've learned more from her than she can probably imagine.

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Susie said...

That's highway robbery for ice cream- but I will have to admit, Graeter's is Yummy! Yea for goodreads!! I'll have to see if you're my friend on there. I'm hardly there, but I do go looking for book club suggestions from time to time.


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