Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Blue

Disappointed.  Disgusted.  Distraught.  Defeated.  As we watched the polls close and the election results come in my mood turned blue with the map.  To say I woke up this morning in a funk would be an understatement.  It isn't because my team didn't win, it's because my faith in the convictions of my fellow Americans came into question last night.

So this morning as I dressed for work I put on my Christmas socks, wore a smile on my face, and I dove into the kids at school today head first.  They don't have a clue what happened on the TV last night.  All that really matters to them is that their basic needs are met and that laughter makes them feel good.  So we ate, pottied & played.  And we laughed.  A lot.  And we sang & danced, and for a precious few consecutive minutes this morning my focus was on the Now.

My Now is all I can really control.  I can raise my children how my husband and I see fit, and if we're going to build a better America, we're going to start in our home.

I believe in Honesty.
Showing Respect.
Hard Work.
Not Expecting Handouts.
Giving From Your Heart.
Being Educated.
Being Well-Rounded.
Two-Parent Families.

I believe in fostering all of these things in our children and making our world a better place.

And I will take a deep breath, do a lot of praying, and live in the now.  Starting right.... Now!

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