Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. "Today is the day," Abby proclaimed right away this morning.  Four weeks ago today was the day she joined the club, and now she can finally change her earrings.  She picked the "Love" earrings she got from her aunt & uncle for her birthday to be her first alternative to the originals.  I proudly report she learned to change them all by herself!

2. While it seems people in Minnesota are falling like dominoes as victims of the flu, a rash of strep that turns into Scarlet Fever is sweeping through our part of Ohio.  Yikes!

3. I stumbled upon Adam Young's blog the other day.  Ironically it was a post about how he pulled the name "Owl City" & it was featured with a pic of the Lift Bridge in Duluth.  I'm not sure what the exact link to that bridge is, but it fascinates me how a kid who grew up in the same town I grew up in has achieved such greatness while I clearly live the simple life.  Whooooo knows?!

4. What is Adel really talking about when she says she set fire to the rain?

5. Killing Lincoln is so well written that I cannot help but watch the President's speech tonight and compare & contrast the traditions today with those in the 1860s.  I can't help but wonder what Lincoln would think about every element of our country today.  Funny, I bet he couldn't even begin to imagine.  And yet we can't imagine our country without him.

6. How my sweet & caring child can lie stone-cold to her mother & father blows me away.  My heart truly sinks with grief at the thought of what happens to people who so blatantly lie.  I know some of those people.  It's a cold existence.  Now, how to keep her from falling to that fate....

7. An unexpected conversation with a fellow gymnastics mom last night revealed a disturbing discovery about the correlation between Kelly Air Force Base and Leukemia & Lou Gehrig's Disease.  What is going on in San Antonio that would contaminate the water and the people living & working at Kelly?  Heartbreaking.

8. Random Pintrest grab: Muffin Tin Eggs.

9. Clever Repurpose Pintrest grab: It's a Rake.  Seriously, this website is like crack.... once you start, you can't stop looking!

10. Another cold is taking hold of my entire body.  Tomorrow should be swell.  Looks like I'll be double-fisting my grapefruit juice.

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