Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Growing Up Abby

On Monday night, the girls and I ventured to school for Open House, where the girls were on a mission to finally meet their new teachers.  Abby was basking in the glory of being the big sister, when finally, for their first time in their educational career, they would be at the same school.

It was great to have Abby has our personal guide.  In and out of halls, she led us to our destinations effortlessly.  It was a stress-free meeting of both the girls' teachers, and both Abby & Lauren left their new meetings even more excited to begin the new school year.

But there was one more stop to make before we left for the evening.... greeting Abby's first grade teacher for the first time as a second grader.  Mrs. Barr was just as happy to see Abby as Abby was to see her.  She treated Lauren to a welcoming smile, then we exchanged that look that parents & teachers give one another when they are saddened not to have your child their room, and likewise.  Last but not least, Mrs. Barr noticed how much Abby had grown up.  The earrings, bracelets, necklace & headband.  She was accessorizing to the max.  Second grade style.

Mrs. Barr was right.  Abby is increasingly self-aware of how she looks.  What she will wear for her second grade pictures is always on her mind, not to mention her adamantity (is that even a word?!) for having a gray, not blue background for her school pic.  Then there is the conversation of having her own bedroom.  And the one about not using her pink booster seat in the car.  Sometimes I can't keep up.

Today, on her first day of second grade, she went to school with a smile and an argument with her sister already under her belt.  And that is just how she came home.... with a smile, and another argument that sent her to her room.  And like magic, the storm of anger & tears was amplified to what I can only describe as a second grade scene.  It isn't easy, but I know this is normal, even healthy.  But it's hard.  For all of us.

And then there was tonight.  Traditional story time means each of us choosing two stories, and once we're all in our jammies and ready for bed, we gather on my bed with our collection of literature as I take turns reading our selections.  But in the presence of a second grader our night time routine is changing.  Abby now intentionally chooses books she can read.  And not just read, but read with ease and inflection.  My heart swells with pride.

I know it isn't easy growing up for our Abby.  It isn't easy being around growing up Abby.  But it is a beautiful view watching Abby grow up.  I love that I can still see the face of that newborn in in her.  I love just as much that she loves the little lady she is growing into.

I still love her more.

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