Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thank You Thursday

1. I am thankful for Halloween candy.  Those bite-size little bittys are just the right amount of chocolaty goodness.  Today's nod goes to Baby Ruth.  Yumm!

2. I'm thankful for sick days.  Sad as it is, yes, I am thankful for the rare days we take a break from life to stay home and recoup.  Not that I did any recouping on this day that Lauren was off school, but my house is polished top to bottom.  Love that conquest!

3. I'm thankful for Geoff.  You're my best friend, father to my children, and provider for our family.  Your hard work is paying off in big ways and it doesn't go unappreciated.  Thank you!

4. I'm thankful for wine.  Because after I get Abby off the bus and take my shower for the day (I know, ishy!) I'll be sitting down addressing my Christmas cards & sipping on a glass of my favorite Iowa wine.  With any luck, I'll also be thankful for the ease in my cramped shoulder.

5. Last but not least, I'm thankful for unexpected inspiration.  I look forward to the great things that are around the corner for our family and hope that those inspirations can rear their little heads when they're needed most.

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