Sunday, August 12, 2012

Love Letters

On June 9th, just after the girls & I got to Minnesota to kick off our summer adventures, I found letters the girls penned to their babies scattered upstairs next to their resting beloveds.  Their thoughtful and loving words were so enduring that I secretly hijacked the notes.  With all the sassy language that boldly comes spewing out of their mouths, it's nice to know their hearts are filled with so much love....

by Abby

from Lizzie
I Love you very
much and I Love
you more than everysing
Love mom

by Lauren

rockit big
I Love you very much
You are the best I Love
You to the moon and
back You are a very
good boy Love to
You and me gave
me a kiss and
a hug Love mom

rockit medam
I Love you Like I
do right now I will
Love you the Rest of
my Life all the time
I Love You to the moon
Love mom

rockit Little
You are the Littleist
boy and are family
all the time and
You are a kind
boy and nice boy
Love mom

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