Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ten on Tuesdayish

1. Whenever I see another Acadia on the road I give them a slight nod & grin.  And then I think, 'Yep, there goes another person equally as cool as me.'  I wonder what I'd be thinking if I was rockin' a minivan?

2. Key Lime Pie.  I offered to bring a pie to church for a gathering after tonight's service.  I'm certain no one else will show up with this tropical treat.  Although I won't really know for sure since I'll be home with my sick children.  Sigh.

3. It's now Abby's turn to be lounging in her PJs.  I'm thankful for Thanksgiving break so my babes can be home, rest, and get back to the business of being healthy!

4. I'm convinced Ohio is killing me.  Okay, maybe not literally killing me.  But I'm not myself here.... my face is swollen, my body is sore and lethargic.  I've spent a lot of time adjusting my sleep, my workout, my habits & my diet.  But the bottom line is I never feel worse than when I'm here.  Maybe it's time for a permanent something different?!

5. Fact: I love basil. If I was a food we would be married.  If we weren't then I would have a hard time not cheating on my other half.  I can't get enough of the leafy treat.  Confession: Sometimes I put grilled pizza on our menu just so I have an excuse to pair it with fresh mozzarella and gobble it up.

6. This month's Book Club featured a visit by our current author, Vanessa Gray Bartal.  I left that night so inspired and uplifted by this seemingly common mom who quite honestly is a lot like me.  If everyone who hits a personal wall in life could be as inspired and productive as Vanessa, our world would be a much better place.

7. Lauren brought home her Christmas tree yesterday.  Each year at the girls' school first graders bring home a giant green paper Christmas tree to decorate and bring back to school to festive up the halls.  While I'm not thrilled with the collection of glitter all over the little table & the floor, her tree is decorated to her standard of perfection.  For that reason alone, I LoVe It!

8. My heart swelled with pride when I walked into Lauren's classroom yesterday afternoon.  The room was filled with the smell of Thanksgiving and children dressed in Indian head dress & Pilgrim hats.  I know the PC police will slander me for that statement, but the truth of it is, those children were learning about their American history.  Frankly, schools are so caught up with teaching about acceptance and other cultures that an appreciation for our own is often lost.

9. If I could, I would add another hour--maybe two--to every day.  And I would make myself do all of the projects and crafty things I seem to have lost time for.

10. It pains me to see our nightly routine of story time slipping away.... often it is for a lack of time, which is a horrible excuse.  Priority number one: Bring back story time with full force!

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Susie said...

I love BJ's Margherita Pizza that has fresh basil on it- it's so tasty with a hint of sweetness. Don't get me started on their pazookies... want to take about BJs not having a PC name?

:) Happy Thanksgiving, B!


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