Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Am I the only one who races the lady in the self check-out lane at the grocery store?  It's a success if I can get each item into my bag before she blares out that nagging reminder.

2. Why is it that when I pick up the pump at the gas station all of the prices clear before I can make my selection?  Hmmmmm.

3. This afternoon Abby told me she didn't care if she crushed my soul, she doesn't care if she gets kidnapped because she wants to get away from me, she is going to tell everyone at my school what I did to her so they get mad at me and I lose my job, and that she put the toilet paper roll on backwards just to make me mad.  On one hand I commend her wit.  On the other I wonder, when did her heart grow two sizes too small?

4. Three words: Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  She bugs me.  One, her hair is atrocious.  Two, and most importantly, she drinks more Kool-Aid than anyone I've ever met through the TV.  Three, I giggled when I saw her shivering in New Hampshire this morning.  What, your Florida blood can't handle the cold?!  Okay, that last one might be jealousy.  I'm still waiting for winter.

5. The girls' Barbie house is set up and oddly enough it looks more like the morning after a frat party than it does a child's play toy.  The only thing missing is a Barbie hunched over the toilet.  Yep, there's even a toilet in the Barbie Glam House.

6. I'm the latest fan of Pintrest.  I've been looking for a clever idea for magnet boards.  The wheels are turning!

7. I just signed up to follow a blog I can't read.  I truly have no idea what any of it is saying, I have no idea what it is even called, but the pictures are awesome.  And clever.  Wheels still turning.

8. Word on the local forecast is that snow is in the works for Thursday.  I hope so, because right now the only song I have in my head is the one I reworked the lyrics to, "Waiting for a Winter Wonderland".

9. Great.  Apparently there is another song waiting for that one to make its exit and replace my thoughts with its annoyance.... "Red Solo Cup".  Stupidest song on the radio, hands down.

10. I bought Solo cups today for a party I'm hosting next Thursday.  As I stood in the commissary weighing my options there was "Red Solo Cup" infiltrating my head.  Ughhh.  I went with the blue.

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Mama too (or is it two) said...

You make me laugh, Brookie!


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