Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Let Me Translate è in Cinque

Both girls continue to fumble their way through the English langauge.  With clever comprehension & understandable misunderstandings, here is the fifth installment of translations....


Sit Mower: Riding Lawn Mower
Woodcheck: Woodchuck
Cinnamons: Synonyms
Rumber: Broomball
Feel Yourself at Home: Make Yourself at Home
Dollar Free: Dollar Tree
Ruth: Wreath
Ash Tray: TV Tray


Personalimy: Personality
Styrophoned: Styrofoam
Licker: Dog's Mouth
Nahkin: Napkin
Aerio Cookies: Oreos
Gorilla Bar: Granola Bar
Oyster Crasher: Oyster Cracker
Taco Sauce: Soy Sauce
American Whip: Miracle Whip
Brown Beans: Baked Beans
Garbage Despoiler: Garbage Disposal
Tinaganize: Antagonize
Peir-a-Shoot: Parachute
Pop Up: Push Up
Matters: Manners
Hoblow: Hobo
Vinepapper: Vampire
Squirt Poop: Diarrhea
Hostable: Hospital
Wahiee: Hawaii
Back & Forth Tape: Double-Sided Tape
Three Temple: Three Dimentional
Burn Garbage: Burning Barrel
Sparkle: Sparkler
Holly Olly: Holly Hobby
Baskwards: Backwards
Twick: Tick
Beach Eagle: Seagull

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