Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Now that the girls are old enough, I decided it was time to beef up their writing skills and what better way than keeping a journal.  Today was our first day, and barring a raging tantrum from Abby, I'd say it went pretty well.

When presented with the idea the girls were in love at first thought.  This morning they could hardly contain their excitement for this afternoon's project.

The rules are simple: each day will be a different subject.  The objective is to make them strong writers & independent thinkers.  This afternoon the three of us each opened up a crisp writing book.

Let the journaling begin....


1. They are building the house behind ours very fast!  I wonder when they'll move in!

2. Lauren makes me smile.

3. Abby is more like me than she'll ever admit.

4. I love storms.  Tomorrow: a thunderstorm is on tap.  I kind of wish it was snow, but I'm ready for a mild Spring.

5. I've found more ideas on Pinterest than I could ever keep up with.

6. There's something about old birdhouses.

7. The cabin is my favorite place on Earth.

8. Sharpened pencils give me peace.

9. When Abby gets mad, she gets MAD!


1. them one aving Fun
2. my mome mes me surh
3. you mek me hpu
4. I love you mom
5. You can Love me
6. We are tkly
7. I like Tes hou
8. You are my iret mom I like it
9. I Like my name
10. I Like rotkt


1. they are wrok on house
2. I make ten cukes
3. I have ten mittins
4. and a lot of hats
5. I Play in ten millin timeis
6. I like the hubru ten
7. and I like to Play
8. I love my mommy.
9. I like to be safteyu.
10. it is the last one

Clearly we have a little work to do, but all-in-all I'd say they've got the idea.  And what can I say.... Abby already knows 'a lot' are two words.  Right on little Brooke!

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