Saturday, March 10, 2012

Not so Ten On Tuesday

The past school year I made a diligent effort to make a daily post.  It became a stealth record of the girls' school year and a nifty way to keep family & friends up on our latest musings.  This year I find my efforts yielded by two things: First, the girls' additional night of two-hour gymnastics consumes even more of our already dwindling family time.  Second, Blogger limits the number of pictures I can use without being charged a fee.  Frustrating!  I could solve the problem by setting my blog into a book and deleting pics, but of course I haven't made that commitment yet, so here I sit....

Ten on Tuesday has become my favorite weekly topic.  I LOVE its randomness, its structure, and of all posts it's probably the one that best captures a single moment in time.

In a nod to random, here's my Ten on Tuesday.  On Saturday.

1. I'm all for removing the drinking age.  My proposal: eliminate the right-to-drink at age 21, let kids start drinking whenever they want and instead cap off at oh, lets say 34.  As I see it kids can metabolize their booze much faster & get a much less severe hangover.  Of course I'm kidding about really proposing this legislation change.  But I am serious about one thing.  No one told me that just two adult beverages would make me feel so crappy the next morning.

2. I truly cannot remember the last Friday night I went out on the town.  I also cannot remember the last time I was awake late enough on East Coast time to be awake for The Tonight Show.  I haven't decided if that makes me a rock star or just a sad old lady.

3. When "Tonight, Tonight" comes on the radio we still gasp, then turn it up and dance.  Don't think that one will ever get old.  We can get crazy let it all out.... Love it!

4. I like to click on the "Everything" option on Pinterest.  That's where I've found most of the good stuff these days.

5. Last night Lauren told me she needed several cotton circle pads and a Q-Tip for a project.  She would also need some glue to make it stick.... I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

6. Hey girl.  I will never look at Ryan Gosling the same way again after seeing the mountain of Hey Girl inspirational pics.  My new annoying habit: coming up with Hey girl captions for all the gals in my life.... that will probably never get old either.  At least not to me.  I won't stop 'till I've Hey girled each and every one of you.  Hey girl, look out.

7. Spring forward already.  Really?  Ughh!

8. We've been pounding the smoothies lately.  An overdose of vitamins, maybe.  I'm all about anything that will keep 'em healthy.

9. My other favorite snack these days: apple & peanut butter sandwiches.  The girls love Granny Smith apples, so I use an apple corer to core one Granny Smith and cut it into round slices 1/8" thick pieces.  Spread peanut butter over one slice and top with another to make a sandwich.  Who knows.  Maybe someday we'll get clever and drizzle caramel or chocolate or even fill the hole with a random goody.  Hmmmmm.

10. I have great faith that someday Abby will grow out of her tantrums of anger.  She can be so mean, so nasty.  What happened to that gentle, free-loving baby I once shared with the world?

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