Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. I'm a sucker for popcorn.  Kettle corn not excluded.

2. Maybe it's a Midwest thing.  That was always our Sunday night supper.... and I don't think we were alone in that one.  I seriously love popcorn.

3. After the Obama's were caught on the Kiss Cam at the basketball game in DC last night I got to thinking.... How many people get put up on Kiss Cams who don't know each other?  And how awesome would it be to be sitting next to a total hottie and end up on one of those?!  Ewwww, or if you end up on one with the guy you've been watching pick his nose the entire game.  That one would be ishy.

4. Crazy 8s & 31.  Abby is a rock star at both of them, thanks to Papa.  She's also become an expert at spinning quarters, gambling and peeing in the yard.  As soon as she takes her ACTs she should be ready for college.

5. I cannot get that stupid Call Me Maybe song out of my head.  And thanks to the many versions on YouTube I am now seeing Big Ten mascots dancing my head.

6. Giant.  Screw.  In.  My.  Tire.  Not happy.  Thanks to the friendly service crew at my uncle's shop, a patch & I'm good to go.  Whew!

7. Six hours we spent at the water park with friends yesterday afternoon.  Life is good.  It's moments like this I appreciate the opportunity we have to spend our summers at home in Minnesota.

8. Among Lauren's many talents: fashioning a diaper for her bear out of paper & tape.

9. I can still hear the words Lauren said to her Grandma Phillips, "Someday you're going to find out I went to space."  My heart swelled with pride!

10. And then she told her sister that when you go to space you also have to work.  Something tells me the child was born with work ethic.  Love that child!

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