Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ten on Tuesdayish

1. My house still smells like last night's chili.  However, I think I finally got the onion smell off of my hands.  Whew!

2. Abby wore a tutu to school yesterday with leggings that she is obviously too too tall for.  I wish I was a fly on the wall at her school. Today she's following it up with polka dot pants and a flower top. She's borrowing a page out of Lauren's Miss Matched Handbook of Fashion. Yikes!

3. Librarians, no matter what part of the country, are cut from the same cloth.  Yesterday was our library day and as the girls browsed for books, I read mine and people-watched. Mostly, I observed the two librarians in the children's section.  For several minutes they marveled at one's Dollar Tree multi-colored "wind things," their words.  It is almost as if they are living in their own world, one within a children's story no less.

4. It is wicked windy, and ugly rainy outside.  More flooding in the Ohio River Valley, I'm guessing.  I really should check to see if we even have school.  I'm only half joking.

5. If anyone asks why I take my children back to Minnesota for extended periods, my new excuse is to spend time with their native tongue.  There is a tad bit of drawl slipping into Abby's speech.  No cause for alarm yet; it's nothing a summer at home can't fix!

6. I am very excited to make my jelly shots for Bunco tomorrow night, and crossing my fingers they turn out.  I'm blending the delicious Scooby Snack drink with a recipe I found on the Jelly Shot Test Kitchen {}. I'm also jazzing them up to St. Patrick's Day. If they're a hit, I'll post them on my foodie blog, despite the fact that they are really for the mommies.  Maybe that is what they should be tagged: For the Mommies.  I'm so glad I waited to post this in the am.... I'm thinking much more clearly!

7. I'm also excited to discuss Little Bee tonight at Book Club.  Still no takers on the give away {}. If you'd like the book, it's up for grabs.

8. Abby and Lauren tried their first Shamrock Shakes yesterday at Micky D's.  They don't just serve them in a regular McDonald's cup anymore.... you get the whipped cream and a cherry on top now.  Fancy.

9. I think life is a lot more like a game of Yahtzee than a box of chocolates.

10. It's amazing what putting make-up on can do for a girl's look.  And really, I'm talking about me.

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