Saturday, March 19, 2011

{Between the Pages: "Love, Lust & Faking It"}

Relationship advice from Jenny McCarthy?  Yes.  Well, sort of.  No.... Yes!

A big helping of tell-it-like-it-is, complete with a side of expert advice, a couple of zucchinis, and baluts for dessert.  All of it washed down with brutally honest humor in McCarthy's savvy style.

Jenny narrates this clever manual to everything you really could possibly want to know (and many things you didn't know you wanted to know) about love, lust, and faking it.

If I'm completely honest, I wasn't a fan of Jenny McCarthy until she lent her voice and her passion to autism education.  I found her obnoxiously outspoken, which is oddly enough what makes this book purely enjoyable.

Never have I learned so much from a single book, and in laugh-out-loud style.  Jenny immediately draws in the reader with something we can all relate to: first love.  From there it's a crap shoot.  If you can relate, you giggle.  If you can't, you're informed.  At times you squirm, and sometimes you just want to run to the bathroom and vomit.  She's the only author I've read to date who openly admits to getting the ultimate pleasure from a K-Mart teddy bear named Tubby.

I always hate to dote on how much I love a book, for fear of setting the bar too high.... I loved this book!  A great summer read, an easy read, it's non-stop entertainment from cover to cover.

Thank you, Shawn, for passing the book my way.  I truly feel like every time I opened the cover I was spending time with one of my favorite cousins.  [I know how that sounds, especially in light of the subject matter.]  But it truly felt like I was hanging out with a great girlfriend, sharing giggles and stories.  I can't sing its praises high enough.  Unless, of course, you are A-sexual, don't believe in sex, or have never had a relationship with another human being.... you catch my drift.

I'll leave you with a quote from the book that I found profound and deeply true: "(Friends) are the ultimate reflection of yourself.  Always surround yourself with people who inspire you and return the favor by giving them the best of you."  If you've read any of my Facebook posts about the merkins and baluts, you will wonder how the heck this quote fits in this book.  In lies the absolute beauty of this read!!!

[While I loved this book so much I can't wait to put it up as a give-away, I'm passing it to a few friends at work with whom I've shared some of its intriguing facts.  So the give-away is on hold.  If you can't wait that long, I highly recommend picking it up for yourself!]

P.S. You do find out why the man on the cover is sporting a mullet, but I recommend not waiting until the summer!

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