Monday, February 28, 2011

{Between the Pages: "Little Bee"}

A hush-hush novel, Little Bee by Chris Cleave is the story of two women, voiced by two women.  It is a book about life, choice, chance, and fate.

I was told very little about the book before I read it; Little Bee is our book club's selection for the month.  I was drawn in by the premise: two women brought together by fate and one having a terrible choice to make.  With that, I made the choice to learn nothing else about it and dive right in.  In fact, it wasn't until I was a couple of chapters into the novel I decided to read the author's bio and found out it was penned by a man!  Little Bee beautifully represents these two women, their thoughts, feelings, behaviors.... His only miss, in my opinion, is when he has one of the main characters repeatedly pressing her forehead to a glass window; any women I know would refrain for doing such a thing because of the mark it would leave behind. Hah!

Nonetheless, I found the book difficult to put down.  I've never read a novel scripted in this form.  It is thought-provoking on many levels and has made me rethink my opinions and adjusted my perspective.

I look forward to discussing Little Bee at our next book club meeting and hearing the various takes on this compelling story, that while fiction could quite possibly be true.

I recommend Little Bee to anyone who appreciates a human story and the lives and choices women have to make.

[GiVe AwaY: I've completed the book, so after our book club on March 9th my copy is up for grabs.... The first reader to comment for request is the lucky recipient.]

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