Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ten On Tuesday--Special Edition

The I'm-Pretty-Sure-I'm-Not-the-Only-Mom Edition....

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only mom who:

1. Picks up one of her children's tissues that looks unused then uses it herself before throwing it away.

2. Launders her children's bedding much less frequently than her own because doing so just invite a night of vomit.

3. Takes a shower on the weekends just when the children are about to ask for lunch.  "Daddy!"

4. Forgets she took a privilege away from her child until well after the child has bitten into the forbidden fruit.  Or watched the entire Scooby video.  Whatever.

5. Looks at her jagged fingernails for several days before actually filing them.

6. Counts a trip to the grocery store as "alone time" and then comes home refreshed, especially when Daddy's already taken care of the kids' night time routine.

7. Puts on a movie for her child so she can get chores done in peace.

8. Doles out snacks to the children, then quietly digs into the cookie jar--which reminds me, they could make Girl Scout Cookies easier to bust into in secret!

9. Is grateful the slumber party was at someone else's house.

10. Loves her kids more than anything in the world and wonders if she's taught them half as much as they've taught her.

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