Wednesday, March 23, 2011

{Between the Pages: "Ghost Stories of Minnesota"}

Ghost Stories of Minnesota by Gina Teel is a collection of stories from around the state dealing with paranormal experiences that range from historic moments to the present day.

The accounts in this book bring to life some of Minnesota's most glorious, and some of its darkest days.  It also sheds light on secret findings, like the tunnel that was uncovered in St. Paul when building the new Science Museum in 1999; tunnels that used to serve as passage ways for ladies of the night to get to the mayor's quarters.

I purchased this book in the spring of 2009 on one of my weekly trips to the Mayo Clinic with my grandpa.  He was receiving radiation for lung cancer, and I was receiving the gift of time, a time I will forever treasure.

Grandpa gave me a tour of Rochester's underground tunnel system which brought us to the old Chateau Theatre, present day Barnes & Noble (in my opinion the most beautiful B&N I've ever set foot in.... sadly none of the stories were from here; bummer!)  We browsed through books and I selected this one, primarily for its historical content, but also because frankly I find the idea of connecting with the past fascinating.  I read the book periodically that spring, but never managed to get more than half-way through its pages.

I have since lost my grandpa, and looking back I'm glad I didn't finish the book until just recently.  I have come to see the experiences laid out in the pages of this well-researched gathering of tellings less as hauntings, and more as human energy and emotion transcending time and absorbing space.

While I am most interested in stories that relate to places I have a more intimate personal connection to, I am familiar enough with most of these places around Minnesota, and for that reason was easily drawn in.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about Minnesota state history, or whom shares a curiosity of life after death.... or even better, both!

[For the reasons I have described above, this book has special meaning to me and I will not be putting it up as a give-away.  I would, however, like to thank Gina Teel for finding that piece of paper suspended in the middle of her basement wall, following its trail, and writing this interesting read.]

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