Saturday, March 26, 2011

Colored People

Thanks to my thoughtful cousin, Shawn, for sending me season 1 of Glee.  I am now grossly involved in this hysterically entertaining show.

The girls have been in and out of the family room where I've been vegged.  Both ladies wandered in to hear one of the characters ask another if she was having a black baby.  My never-misses-a-beat kindergartner then asks me, "Mom, how do you get a black baby?"  Okay.  How am I going to explain this one?  She already asked me how you get pregnant earlier today (thank you, Glee episode number one) now we're delving into skin pigmentation!

Very matter-of-fact, I told her that black babies come from black people, white babies come from white people.  After letting that sit in she then shot back, "I'm wondering, I've seen a white mom that has a black baby...."

"Well," taking it to yet another level, "the baby might be adopted, or maybe the dad is black." 

Whew.  Dodged a bullet.  Conversation was over.  Until she asked, "So if you're pink you'll have a pink baby?"


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