Monday, March 21, 2011

Growing Up Grumpy

For a six-year-old little girl, Abby is sure an emotional gal whose behavior seems highly sensitive to environmental and meaningful moments.

Saturday afternoon Geoff took the girls out where he hoped to get a little shopping done before supper and a trip to the park.  Excited about the prospects of a deal he was about to strike at JCPenny's, he stepped into the changing room with his children in tow.  Immediately, his eldest daughter threw a fit about how rude people were in neglecting to return the clothes they did not intend to purchase.  And Abby doesn't let it go.  She persisted.  Fellow patrons erupted in laughter, leaving Geoff embarrassed and in a rush to get out of there.  Lauren, unphased, was completely fascinated by the changing room mirrors, declaring, "I have three heads!"


Sunday was Geoff's birthday, and per his liking, we ventured to Columbus to sink our teeth into some of Schmidt's famous sausages.  We were seated in this ethnic German restaurant, and maybe because of the German influence in our lives, the girls were unphased by pretty much everything at the restaurant.  Sure, there were a few food items that were new to them, but they didn't even blink when our waiter showed up in lederhosen.  After dinner, as we strolled through the German village, a man passed us speaking on his cell phone and caught Lauren's attention.... "Why is he talking funny?" she questioned.  That, she noticed.

{Geoff und His German Sweeties}

It wasn't the best birthday on record as I'm sure Geoff will attest.  But we did stop at our local Jersey dairy farm for birthday ice cream on the way home, and capped the night with a lovely harmony of "Happy Birthday" ala his three girls.

As for our dear Abby, her allergies have been getting the best of her, and I gave in and treated her to a dose of that liquid medicine tonight that sends her grumpy into overdrive.  Happy Spring in Ohio!

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