Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Abby found a lucky coin in our yard on Saturday.  Geoff Googled it, and while it has no monetary value, it is said to bring luck to whomever its possession is in.  Abby keeps it next to her bed.

2. We heard that if you put a rainbow up in your house a leprechaun will come on St. Patrick's Day.  The girls were more than happy to display their rainbows from school in the hopes the little Irish trickster will pay us a visit Thursday....

{Abby's Rainbow}

{Lauren's Rainbow}

4. Thanks to my shameful consumption of half a box of Tagalongs in one sitting, I've decided to resurrect my self control for Lent. It's been one week of limiting myself to only one dessert a day, and I can already see a difference in my skin.  Sweet!

5. Another shameful confession: I told Lauren that if she wore her pretty flower dress to school today on her field trip to Kroger (they're taking a behind-the-scenes tour, in addition to enhancing their curriculum of the five senses) they would give her a flower.  If they think you are really cute, they will give one to the entire class.  What do you know, the kid came home with a flower!

6. I have been taking the easy way out when it comes to supper lately.  Maybe that is why tonight's Chicken Cacciatore smells so incredible!  Of course the recipe is not my own, but totally worth shareing nonetheless: http://feedingthelovelies.blogspot.com/2011/01/chicken-cacciatore.html.  Yumm!

7. Thanks to my current read, Love, Lust and Faking It, my cousin has been forbidden from my blog by her school district's Big Brother.  I also believe it is giving me a reputation for being a pervert at school.... I just can't help but sharing the humor.  Yesterday it was the merkin, today male bat homosexuality.  Yes, St. Paul, I said homosexuality on my blog.  Block me!  I can't wait to see what tomorrow's read brings.  I'm sure my coworkers are equally as excited.

8. Japan moved thirteen inches closer to the United States because of last Friday's earthquake and tsunami.  Yikes!

9. My heart goes out to the people directly affected by Japan's tragedy.  I have indescribable respect for the people there and the way they've handled the tragedy.  No riots.  No pillaging.  Overwhelming sacrifice and charity for their fellow man.  An admirable culture.

10. Thank you, Leslie, for tipping me off on your favorite local Mexican restaurant in Xenia.  The food was great, but above all I was impressed that they serve salsa in a carafe and give each patron individual bowls.  Double-dip in public guilt free my friends.

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