Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bath Night Sex Ed

You've gotta love bath night.  After climbing out of the tub Abby sits down, completely naked, and states, "Mom, I have to ask you something.  What is this?"

"That is your clitoris."

"What is it for?"

"It is part of your sexual organ."

"This is where I pee."

"Yes, and see this hole right there, that is where your baby will come out of someday."

Giggles.  Hands on hips.  Still naked.  Now standing. "And I will push and push and push."

The conversation went on about how the baby will grow in her belly and her belly will stretch like she sees on pregnant women.  And then, in attempt to divert from how the baby will get in there in the first place I stated that her boobies will also grow and someday they will produce the milk the baby needs to eat.

"Did you feed me like that?"


"White milk?"


"Why not chocolate?"

All the while a set of eyes and a pair of ears were observing from the peanut gallery known as the bathtub behind us.  Silent until now she piped in, "I have one of those holes, too!"

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