Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Let Me Translate, Part Deux

One of my favorite things about watching the girls grow up is seeing how language goes in their minds and comes back out.  Allow me to translate:


Round of a Clause: Round of Applause
Tawana: Chiwawa
Taco Club: Taco Bell
Thoughting: Thinking
Lip Loss: Lip gloss

Presidential Mishaps
Habraham Lincoln: Honest Abe
Thrankan Rosabell: FDR
Tomer Jeffernson: The guy on the nickel
♫♪♫♪Lyrical Fopas♫♪♫♪
"Take me out to the bowling....": Played during the 7th inning stretch
"Oh Sally, you always know....": From her favorite 80's tune, Steve Perry's Oh, Sherrie


Refessor: Professor
R-Sternaut: Astronaut
Eraser: Electric Razor
Bookeye: Buckeye
Kitar: Guitar
Caboost: Caboose
Unside My Pants: Turn my pants right side out

Bodily Harm
Flat Poop: Diarrhea
Nail Pits: Armpits
Hairy Heinie: Do I really need to explain this one?!

State of Confusion
Thanks to her well-meaning father, Lauren has been brushing up on her state flags.  She knows the flags of all of the states we have lived in, and has taken liberties with a few of the others.

The Cabin Flag....

President Obama Flag....

The Moon Flag....

The Stars of America Flag....

The Clinton Flag....

Minnesota State Flag....

{Lauren's favorite because "I like the ice cream and stuff."}

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