Saturday, March 12, 2011

The F Word

Summing up yesterday in F words:

We had a FrIeNd over yesterday, a good friend of Lauren's from school, who lives so close to us we can hardly believe it took us so long to figure it out!  All three of the girls spent a chunk of yesterday afternoon playing their hearts out.  Happy F word.

When our friend was here we threw together a delicious ice cream FiEsTa.  Yummy F Word!

Abby couldn't be happier to have her FaNcY new bag.  So happy that after our friend went home she headed outside to play, with it in tow, pretending to be on her way to school.  Pretty pink F word.

And then Abby asked me the question.  The question she already knew the answer to.... "What is the F WoRd?"  She continued, "Is it a bad word?  Do you know the A word?  Why are letter words bad words?"

I responded to all of her questions, trying to satisfy her craving for this new material she's been given so she could clear her head of it.  And then I asked her a question I already knew the answer to, "Where did you learn about these words?"

She hesitated to tell me, but gave it up, "The bus."  FrOwN.

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