Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ten On Tuesday--Special Edition

I looked down at my jagged fingernail today and thought, This jagged fingernail really annoys me!  Which then got me wondering if I could come up with ten things that annoy me for a special edition post today.  What do you know, I could!

Ten Things That Annoy Me:

1. When fingernails catch, snag or become jagged.  Furthermore, I cannot clip & file only one; that would create a follow-up annoyance.

2. Inappropriate grammatical habits.... I didn't axe you a question, y'all!

3. Whining.

4. Gunky toothpaste containers.... Let's keep it clean, my friend.

5. Two Letters: DS.... If you are an adult and you are privy to what this means, I'm pretty sure it annoys you, too.

6. Dog farts.... Especially when fresh fecal snacks are part of the aroma.

7. When people do not use their blinkers.... Which way are you going?  I don't know because you didn't use your darn blinker!

8. Scratching.... I hate the sound of fingernails scraping off dead layers of skin.  Yuck!

9. Pee on the toilet.... Not in, on.  Let's control the flow, people.

10. Misplaced shopping carts.... I'm sure you wouldn't like it if someone gave that cart a little nudge and it ran right a lovely scratch along the side of your car, would you?  No.  So put the stupid cart away so it doesn't happen to someone else.  But mostly, it isn't anyone else's job to clean up after you.  Don't be a bum.  Put it away or take it back to the store.

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