Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thank You Thursday

This Thursday's thank you list is much less dramatic then last week's. This Thursday I am thankful for:

1. Tiny's passionate spirit. Sure, she is currently channeling her passion in the direction of a nineteen year-old hockey player, but none-the-less, she is passionate. I adore that about her.

2. A night out with girlfriends. With our daughters about to start kindergarten, it's hard to believe Steph & I have been friends since we were that age! Molly & Steph, how lucky I am to still have you in my life!

3. Getting new wheels. No, not a new ride, just a pair of new wheels. I'm back on the streets.... Watch out, Owatonna!

4. Hockey in July. For me, it is like Christmas in July. A nice cool rink, the smell of the ice, sinus inflation that quickly dissipates and sends me into my own personal paradise. How many months until the hockey season starts?

5. Girls. My girls. Their hugs, their kisses, their giggles, everything about them. Except maybe their screams and vulgar outbursts. Besides those two things, everything else. Love those girls!

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