Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Ten random thoughts? We'll see if I have that much floating around up there....

1. I will never fly Delta again. Unless it's free. Then yes, I probably will. If I had my choice I would always fly Midwest. The big leather seats, foot rests, fresh warm cookies on every flight. Oh, and don't forget that friendly Wisconsin staff. They have my vote for best airline, hands down. (Pssst, and they serve Leinenkugel's!)

2. I'm convinced more people believe my lovelies are twins than previously thought. I get asked the question often. Today at the commissary a retiree actually walked past us, then walked back up to us and asked, studying the girls the entire time. He then proceeded to return to his wife and their cart directly behind me and they engaged in a lengthy debate about this issue. Hello! I can hear you.

3. Friday & Saturday nights it reportedly got down to the 50's here in the Dayton area.... cold in these parts. It climbed back into the 90's just in time for our return on Sunday. Rats!

4. I am paying for luggage-schlepping through the airport. And after traction on my back this morning, and pushing a monster cart of groceries this afternoon, tonight is not going to be pretty. Hello hot pack!

5. This morning is proof that if there is no milk in the house Lauren will not eat breakfast. Unless we make pancakes. I wasn't up for making pancakes.

6. Vacation is nice. Returning to elements of reality.... not so much.

7. Is it weird that I'm not weird? Okay, I'm a little weird. But not weird. I'm beginning to think that isn't normal.

8. Abby is really good at drawing hearts. She practices a lot. In fact, she loves writing, drawing, all of it! One of the many things I love about her.

9. Lauren tied a scarf around a stuffed dog and pulls him around calling him Bullseye. I'm almost certain that she will hit me up for the real Bullseye on our next trip to Target. The only question is, how long can I avoid Target?

10. Abby's whistling persistence has paid off and she can now power along with Jiminy Cricket and Give a Little Whistle. I am proud of her, but still get a kick out of Lauren's efforts; not so much a whistle as a high-pitched hoot. To each her own.

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