Sunday, July 18, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

As luck would have it, I was offered a chance to attend a game during Target Field's inaugural season. Of course I said YES! As game day approached rumors of high temps, humidity and storms loomed over. I only have a four week window in Minnesota, so if I don't go now chances are good I won't make it for the rescheduled date.

Saturday started out beautiful. Hot & humid, but clear. My drive to the Cities was seamless. In fact, it wasn't until we got into the car to begin our journey to the game that the first raindrops appeared. We picked up one friend on the way, then met the other at the Mall of America to catch the light rail. It has never taken me so long to find a parking spot, but with Twins shirts littering the grounds on a Saturday afternoon at America's largest shopping destination spelled parking nightmare.

{Minnesota's Finest: Shawn & Brooke with Rod Carew}

The ride into Minneapolis was tight, but bearable. Dad called on our trip into the city to tell us tornadoes had touched down to the northwest and were heading our way. It rained almost the entire ride into the city, but miraculously stopped upon our arrival.

{Target Field!}

We walked around the stadium, took pictures, and enjoyed the game. I felt a little like I was cheating on the Metrodome, but it is true what they say, baseball is meant to be played outside. It was awesome! The system left us alone, and for two hours we breathed in our open-air seats as the Twinkies battled it out in an exciting 3-2 victory.

{The View From our Seats in Section 209}

The ninth inning had just come to a close when the rain dropped in. By the time we were in line for the tran we were in the thick of it, dodging rain drops, phone calls & texts regarding our danger we already knew was impending by the deafening tornado sirens around us.

{Driving Rain Rattles the Jumbotron}

Two gentleman graciously gave up their seats on the light rail so Shawn & I could sit with Angie & Amy. It took us well over an hour to reach the other end of the Hiawatha Line as we got stuck behind the train that was stuck with mechanical issues. We'd been chatting it up with these two guys all along, but by the time we reached MOA you'd have thought we'd be exchanging Christmas Cards.... one would show a picture of his grandkids, Angie pulled out a picture of her kid. Not to be outdone Shawn proudly scrolled through a healthy selection of pictures documenting visits from Ming, her resident spider. There was also an exchanged of patio flower pictures, and these guys tried tirelessly to get us to go out for drinks afterward; we didn't bite. No train ride would be complete without someone losing their manners (though I never did smell it), a guy who couldn't stop touching his junk, and a handful of tired little people.

Soggy & sane, we made it back to the Mall of America unscathed. Angie darted for the bathroom, and we watched a dude with a lei, a sparkly glove, cane & tap shoes blend in to the crowd. Ahhh, the big city.

After dropping off Amy, who was tired & ready to get home, we capped off our night with a bite to eat at Perkins.

Thank you, Amy, Angie & Shawn for taking me out to the ballgame. I know my little ones were at home with Grandma & Papa wishing they could go, too. I told Abby that someday when Daddy is home with us we will go as a family. We will. And we'll get her a Digger Dog, too.

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