Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Boobies are Coming Out

We saw Olivia last night. Olivia is our neighbor girl whom the lovelies adore so much that for months they insisted on being called Olivia. Yep, that Olivia.

Much to my surprise it took an entire 24 hours for the topic of boobies to resurface after months of dormancy. I thought that the crusade for losing teeth had derailed the booby mission, but apparently all it took was one pubing seventh grader to stoke the fire. Once again, Abby has boobies on the brain.

While we were wrapping up bath time tonight, Abby confronted me with her questions, "When you are twelve do you get boobies?"

Of course I told her that it depends on her body, but yes, around that time your body does usually start to develop boobies. "Did you notice Olivia is getting boobies?" I asked.

"Yes, I saw them coming out. I didn't look inside though. They just pulled out, like this," and Abby proceeded to take one hand to each side of her chest and motion breast pulling out from her nipples.

I couldn't even commend her on not looking down Olivia's shirt to monitor Mother Nature in her glory. My laughter could not be contained. She's a sharp little girl, that Abby. If poor Olivia only knew.

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