Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oral Hygiene

Today was the day: Abby's first teeth cleaning & Lauren's first oral exam. The girls were both excited to jump into the dentist's chair. Brenda & Dr. DeLaitsch went above & beyond to ensure the girls were comfortable and stayed abreast of the tools & techniques they were using. Lauren stood a close watch over her sister while Abby absorbed all the information and asked a bounty of questions. It took Abby a few minutes to relax her body and figure out just what her roll is in the exam. At one point Brenda even remarked, "You have a curious tongue." Cute!

Both lovelies left the office with high marks in oral hygiene and a, "Keep up the good work!" No doubt the bag-o-goodies and sparkling teeth were also incentive to show off their pretty smiles.

{Abby gets her teeth cleaned}

{Dr. DeLaitsch counts Lauren's teeth.... All 20 accounted for!}

{Dr. DeLaitsch & Lauren}

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