Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Ten random thoughts, it's Tuesday!

1. My sister finally has an iron. At thirty, it's about time. I can't prove she uses it, but she has one. Baby steps little sis.

2. Today Lauren wanted "little white meatballs" for breakfast. We didn't have any more powdered doughnut holes so she put it on her Hy-Vee shopping list.

3. I love sleeping with Abby. Maybe it has something to do with all of the nights we spent together when the hockey players moved in to Mom & Dad's. Maybe it goes back to all of the time I felt I missed with her when Lauren came along so soon. Either way, there's just something about being crowded by her skinny little body & seeing her face sleeping peacefully next to me in the morning.... I love it!

4. If Grandpa & Grandma's place had a taste it would be raw green beans fresh out of the garden.

5. Just the thought of going up to the cabin in a few days: pure bliss.

6. I love giving the girls four-wheeler rides around the farm. I'm pretty sure Grandpa & Grandma are going to come home from up north and wonder where all the tracks came from. That would be me. And the girls. I love going up to their place!

7. Winter pajama shopping, done. Ahhhh.

8. Two new tires, a new door panel, and now rotors & brakes. Can this please be it for awhile?!

9. It's hot days like this that make me wish it was a snowy, wet Winter day instead of a humid Summer day. And I would build a snowman.

10. This might be the first day I had a pleasant experience at the Owatonna Post Office. EVER! I walked in there fully prepared to get yelled at by Grumpy McGrumpster Counter Guy. I didn't know what to do with myself when he didn't.

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