Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. On our flight from Seattle to Mpls. Abby told the woman seated next to her that she could see God in the clouds. I'm still wondering what that lady was thinking when Abby said that.

2. It's nice to see my family & friends enjoying their summer. It is also nice to be enjoying mine.

3. I'm going to be honest, leaving for Minnesota before today was not an option for one main reason: I'm really looking forward to watching Deadliest Catch with Geoff tonight.

4. If Hollandaise sauce has roots in Holland, I totally get that. But why are the people there called Dutch?

5. Further complicating things are the Pennsylvania Dutch, not Dutch at all, but German. Somehow this doesn't confuse me nearly as much.

6. I am finally getting through the girls' closet and drawers for the season. It isn't nearly as big of a task as I thought it was going to be. Now, to get the stacks of attire packed up to transport back to Minnesota for my cousins. Make room you guys!

7. The idea of being left behind while the girls are at school leaves me with an empty pit in my stomach. It's hard enough when they go out on a Daddy Date for a few hours. It must be time for me to pave my own path.

8. There's something about a little person running around naked and carefree (especially with predominant tan lines) that makes me smile every time. It won't be long before that comes to a halt.

9. Abby has really transitioned into a girl this summer. I can't even blame it on kindergarten. Everything about her is more mature in these past couple of months. Except, of course, her boobies.... she's still waiting on those.

10. I might enjoy summer a lot more if there was no humidity. Humidity, I'm talking to you.... take a hike!

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