Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. As the result of hurrying through Friday's To Do List, I shorted my cookie dough by one cup of flour. I discovered it today when the cookies spread like wild fire on the pans.... Even professionals make mistakes.

2. Twice in the past week Abby has made the squeaking sound I nearly forgot about her making as a baby. I admit that the second time she did it because I squeezed her a little too hard. I miss those treasures from her infancy.

3. Home is where your heart lives. I heart being home.

4. I'm crossing my fingers that my extensive knee pain is a result of the weather. It hurts just to sit down; must be the swelling.

5. Abby's been talking a lot about jail. Just minutes ago she asked me why you can't get married to another girl. I'm deducing either media over-exposure or a complex thought strategy. Maybe a little of both.

6. Yesterday I took the girls to Dairy Queen; I love the way Lauren says Dilly Bar!

7. Driving through the Cities is always a rush. Sometimes it's frustrating, but such a great feeling just being there.

8. This afternoon Abby locked herself in my parents' bedroom with the bag of string beans we picked at Grandpa & Grandma's. I guess it's better than cupcakes.

9. While she was sneaking vitamin-rich veggies, I was sampling the cookie dough. I don't feel bad now eating so much of it before they got baked.... just less cookies for me to scrape off the pan.

10. I don't know who is happier, the girls to have their Papa, or their Papa to have his girls.

{Abby & Lauren Assisting Papa, Painting in the Garage}

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