Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thank You Thursday

This Thursday I have even more than usual to be thankful for....

1. I am thankful for my freedom. I'm especially thankful for the people who have made, and who continue to make that possible. Nothing says freedom like getting in the car and hitting the open road across America's Heartland.

2. Thank you for the variety of music the three of us sang out hearts out to. Even The Little Mermaid Soundtrack. Although I'm still curious how my Barry Manilow, Ultimate Manilow got removed from Granny (my new name for my beloved silver Grand Am).

3. I'm thankful for my dad. So many reasons to appreciate the man. Today I'm especially thankful for reason no. 4.

4. Thank you, Dad. Once again you came to my rescue. Somehow I manage to make it 723 miles, but cannot seem to get down the gravel road without you coming along to bail me out. No snow drifts to dig me out of this time, just a flat tire. What would I do without you?!

5. Above all, I'm grateful I made it as far as I did. By the time I got to our gravel road I was down to the rim. There's no telling how I blew the tire. Thank God it didn't happen on the highway, and thank God we are all okay. Someone was definitely looking out for us today!

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